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The primary mission of military intelligence in the United States Army is to provide timely, relevant, accurate, and synchronized intelligence and electronic warfare support to tactical, operational and strategic-level commanders. The Army's intelligence components produce intelligence both for Army use and for sharing misskon intel corporation mission statement national intelligence community. Intelligence personnel were a part of the Continental Army its initial founding in InGeneral George Washington commissioned the first intelligence unit.

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Knowlton's Intel corporation mission statementnamed after its leader Colonel Thomas Knowltonbecame the first organized elite force, a predecessor to modern special operations forces units such as the Army RangersDelta Forceand others. Allan Pinkerton and Lafayette C. Baker handled similar operations for their respective regional commanders. All of those operations sttement shut down at the end of the Civil War in Inthe Army established the Military Intelligence Division. Init was placed under the new general staff in an elevated position.

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Originally consisting of just 26 people, 16 of them officers, it was quickly expanded to include officers and 1, enlisted personnel and civilians. It was tasked with collecting, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence. Initially it included:. On January 1,the U. At its peak in corporwtionthe MIS Language School instructors and 3, students studying in more than classrooms, graduating more than 6, students by the end of the war.

intel corporation mission statement

In the school moved to the Presidio of Monterey. Instructors, including native speakers of more than thirty languages and dialects, were recruited from all over the world. Russian became the largest language program, followed by Chinese, Korean, and German. The following year, the Intelligence Center expanded further with the addition of the Photo Interpretation Center.

intel corporation mission statement

Additionally, combat intelligence training including order of battle techniques, photo interpretation, prisoner of war interrogation, and censorship was transferred from the Army General School at Fort RileyKansas to Fort Holabird, giving the Commanding General the additional title of Commandant, US Army Intelligence School. Fort Huachuca became the "Home of Military Intelligence" on 23 Marchand the last class graduated intel corporation mission statement Fort Holabird on 2 Septembernearly 17 years to the day after the Army Intelligence Center was established there.

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Holabird, MD. On 1 Julythe Army Intelligence and Security Branch was established ztatement a basic Army branch to meet the increased need for national and tactical intelligence. It was in Julythat a number of intelligence and security organizations were combined to form the military intelligence branch. Army Regimental System.

intel corporation mission statement

Approximately 28, military personnel and 3, civilian personnel are assigned to intelligence duties, comprising the Military Intelligence Corps. Some of the key components include:. I am a Soldier first, but an intelligence professional second to none. With pride in my heritage, but focused on the future, Performing the first task of an Army: To find, know, and never lose the here

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