Iran vs iraq war -

Iran vs iraq war

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Iran - Iraq War - 3 Minute History iran vs iraq war.

See also: Iran-Contra affair Iran's foreign supporters gradually came to include Syria and Libyathrough which it obtained Scud missiles. It also acquired propellants and other weapons related components from Spain and Portugal.

Frankenstein in Baghdad

President Ronald Reagan actually ordered the sale of weapons to Iran. Most of this support included TOW missiles. The Mujaheedin-e-khalgh usually engaged the pro-Iranian Kurdish forces in the North of Iraq, close to the Iranian border. Logistic support[ edit ] Iraq's army was primarily equipped with weaponry it had previously purchased from the Soviet Union and its satellites in the preceding decade.

iran vs iraq war

During the war, it also purchased billions of dollars' worth of advanced equipment from Francethe People's Republic of China, EgyptGermany and other sources. These were the only direct U. At the same time, the U. The CIA directed non-U. West Germany and United Kingdom also provided dual use technology that allowed Iraq to expand its missile program and radar defenses.

iran vs iraq war

According to an uncensored copy of Iraq's 11,page declaration to the U. Countries which supported either combatant[ edit ] Country.]

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