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Is Sexuality a Choice? is gay genetic or choice Is gay genetic or choice

It has been observed that, to be effective, an advertisement must grab the viewer's attention.

is gay genetic or choice

To do so, it must make a quick and arresting appeal. The most appealing strategies are usually appeals to emotions, fear, love, pleasure, or vanity.

is gay genetic or choice

For alimentary pleasures like food, drink, and cigarettes, quite often the most effective strategy is to stress the fun of using the product. According to the self-perception theory of fun advertising, a consumer would identify the behavior of eating the hamburger as being a person with a "fun loving" attitude. The ad, it should be noted, strictly speaking, does not begin with the two men, but with a logo, the famous Wendy's girl with the upturned braids.

is gay genetic or choice

Unremarkable, you might state. However, "One way to help ensure viewers catch the brand is by using a….]

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