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It would seem like they are expecting for a fatal accident to happen and only your organs will be saved. If you look at it from a different perspective, however, it is one way that you will be able to do your share in saving lives. Even in death, you will be able to do something heroic. But organ donation is a tricky subject and an equally tricky process that may come with side effects, which is why it remains a hot subject for debate.

If you are a living donor, you need to contact a transplant center, or you can work directly with a family member or friend before you contact a transplant team. Ideally, the donor and recipient must have similar blood and tissue type.

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But the transplant is still possible, even if this is not the case. However, the recipient must be given special treatments to ensure that the body will not reject the new organ.

is organ donation good or bad

Is There Any Money Involved? You will not be paid as a living organ and your family will not incur any cost if you donate after your death. Whatever tests that need to be done with your body will be paid for by the recipient.

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As of today there are overpeople on the waiting list for organ transplant. For each day that passes without a donor, one or two of them will die. If one donor is available, up to 8 lives can be saved. This only shows that organ donation has certain advantages. But those who are against it claim that donating an organ comes with a price. Save lives As previously mentioned, a single donor has the ability to save multiple lives. Remember that a recipient has to undergo treatments administered on a regular basis until a donor becomes available. Such treatments are usually costly, resulting information the parthenon is dedicated to apologise tough financial predicaments donaton a family must go through.

So, when a donor comes along and a patient recovers, the rest of the family will also feel relieved mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. Not only is the patient spared from suffering, but also their loved ones. With your organ donation, more than one person will be saved. Second chance at life There are two sides of every story and organ donation is no exception.

The only difference is that the is organ donation good or bad will be experienced by both the recipient and donor. Those who received the organ transplant will have a second chance at life, where they will have an opportunity to return to a bbad lifestyle, minus the expensive routine treatment. For the surviving relatives of a deceased donor, it gives a sense of goodness despite their loss and the tragedy they have experienced. Offer consolation The very idea that their loss was not in vain is a great consolation for the surviving family of the deceased. No words can describe is organ donation good or bad feeling of losing someone, especially at a young age.

Family and friends grieve and mourn for a long time, with a few being unable to get past the loss otgan someone. Organ donation, however, can help them move on knowing that something good came out of the tragedy. The knowledge that a small piece of a loved one lived on also provide a sense of comfort, especially if the recipient lives on ie enjoy a long and fruitful life.

is organ donation good or bad

Provide opportunities for medical research If the idea of being cut open with your organs distributed to different strangers does not sit well with you, you can always donate your entire body to help medical students become great doctors.]

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