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Bentham defined mmill the "fundamental axiom " of his philosophy the principle that "it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong. He advocated individual and economic freedomsthe separation of church and statefreedom of expressionequal rights for women, the right to divorce, and in an unpublished essay the decriminalising of homosexual acts. Bentham's students included his secretary and collaborator James Millthe latter's son, John Stuart Millthe legal philosopher Jeremy bentham and john stuart mill AustinAmerican writer and activist John Nealas well as Robert Owenone of the founders of utopian socialism. He "had considerable influence more info the reform of prisons, schools, poor laws, law courts, and Parliament itself. On his death inBentham left instructions for his body to be first dissected, and then to be permanently preserved as an "auto-icon" or self-imagewhich would be his memorial.

Stuxrt of his arguments in favour of the general availability of education, he has been described as the "spiritual founder" of UCL. However, he played only a limited direct part in its foundation.

Stuart Mill and John Locke Conception of Freedom Essay

Bentham was born on 15 February in HoundsditchLondon[17] to a wealthy family that supported the Tory party. He was reportedly a child prodigy: he was found as a toddler sitting at his father's desk reading a multi-volume history of England, and he began to study Latin at the age of three. He attended Westminster School ; inat age 12, his father sent him to The Queen's College, Oxfordwhere he completed milll bachelor's degree in and his master's degree in He trained as a lawyer and, though he never practised, check this out called to the bar in He became deeply frustrated with the complexity of English law, which he termed the "Demon of Chicane".

In andBentham travelled to Krichev in White Russia modern Belarus to visit his brother, Samuelwho was engaged in managing various jeremy bentham and john stuart mill and other projects for Prince Potemkin. It was Samuel as Jeremy later repeatedly acknowledged who conceived the basic idea of a circular building at the hub of a larger compound as a means of allowing a small number of managers to oversee the activities of a large and unskilled workforce. Bentham began to develop jerem model, particularly as applicable to prisons, and outlined his ideas in a series of letters sent home jeremy bentham and john stuart mill his father in England.

jeremy bentham and john stuart mill

The Panopticon was intended to be cheaper than the prisons of his time, as it required fewer staff; "Allow me to construct a prison on this model," Bentham requested to a Committee for the Reform of Criminal Law, "I will be the gaoler. You will see According to Bentham's design, the prisoners would also be used as menial labour, walking on wheels to spin looms or run a water wheel.]

jeremy bentham and john stuart mill

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