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The invention made books affordable and accessible to to the common person. Google's homepage features artwork of Gutenberg and a printing press. The Doodle marks the anniversary of the Gutenberg Museum in Germany opening a exhibition in his honor in Historians believe that Gutenberg started to develop a more efficient text printing device in the late s that replaced the wooden letter and graphic blocks of traditional printers. Gutenberg made the invention to pay off debts from a failed mirror business. Gutenberg's first successful print of a Latin book in speech-making came in He then hired an assembly-line team to print book faster than ever. The Gutenberg press printed on average 3, pages a day, helping with the production of books in Europe. johan gutenberg printing press Johan gutenberg printing press

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The Inventor Of The World's First Printing Press - Absolute History johan gutenberg printing press

Google is replacing its homepage logo with johan gutenberg printing press Doodle honouring Johannes Gutenbergthe inventor of the movable type printing press. Google has chosen to celebrate Gutenberg on 14 April, because on that date in the Gutenberg Museum in Johan gutenberg printing pressGermany, launched an exhibition to honour him in celebration of its th anniversary. Gutenberg, who was a skilled metalworker and goldsmith, modified a winepress to deliver ink to paper around In he is said have perfected his research into the first printing press, which would come into full operation a jojan later. Using his press and a team of workers who would prepare and press each page, Gutenberg could print up to 3, pages a day, easily faster than manually copying a text.

In he is credited with printing a copy of the Latin Bible and from then on his printer would produce a wide range of materials, from pamphlets to By historians say there were more than printers working across Europe and by the 16th century there were more than million books in print.

Priting Gutenberg click here commonly credited with inventing the printing press, historians point out that there is evidence of moveable printing presses having been invented in Korea inand Chinese Buddhist scholars had also used moveable type presses, according to worldhistory. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies.

johan gutenberg printing press

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