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Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press

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German inventor Johannes Gutenberg revolutionised the publishing industry by introducing movable-type printing to Europe in Today, Google Doodle honoured Gutenberg, years after his death. That said, we would not be able to learn, pass on information, or share said information without books and computers. And before Gutenberg came along, making one single book was a laborious task. Now imagine creating not one but thousands of books, in order to spread information to the masses. That invention was followed up with his first successful print in , a Latin book on speech making. His most notable work was published in It is referred to today as the Gutenberg Bible and had 42 lines on each page. The book cost the equivalent of three years wages for the average clerk. Johan gutenberg johan gutenberg

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Search engine giant Google celebrates Gutenherg goldsmith, inventor, printer, and publisher Johannes Gutenberg, a European pioneer of the mechanical metal movable-type printing press, with Doodle on April 14, johan gutenberg Read More : Johannes Gutenberg: Google Doodle celebrates German goldsmith, the first European to invent and use movable type printing press. Google Doodle for Celebrating Johannes Gutenberg. Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Pinterest Share.

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johan gutenberg

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johan gutenberg

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