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Account Sign Out. Log in Start Now. Top Global Tweets. Angry Staff Officer. One thing that is noticeable in the debates over slavery in the US from is how quickly pro-slavery advocates turned to physical violence against abolitionist rhetoric, from Brooks caning Sumner in Congress to destruction of abolitionist printing presses. Stats are based upon replies and quotes of this tweet. Replies and Quotes. All Replies Quotes Retweeters. In reply to pptsapper. But there's evidence of it through the s, as well, especially against those who would dare create newspapers or otherwise spread the abolitionist gospel. john brown abolitionist quotes John brown abolitionist quotes

John H. Brown May 9, — December 2, was an American abolitionist leader. Brown felt that violence was necessary to end American slaveryas years of speeches, sermons, petitions, and moral persuasion had failed. A religious man more than anything else, [2] [3] John brown abolitionist quotes believed he was raised up by God to strike the death blow to American slavery. He believed among his earthly missions was to free the American slave He was very strict in his religious duties and he regarded this as sacred.

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Brown first gained national attention when he led anti-slavery volunteers during the Bleeding Kansas crisis of the late s, a state-level civil war over whether Kansas would enter the Union as a slave state or a free john brown abolitionist quotes. He was dissatisfied with abolitionist pacifism: "These men are all talk.

What we need is action—action! In OctoberBrown led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia West Virginiaintending to start a slave liberation movement that would spread south through the mountainous regions of Virginia and North Carolina ; he had prepared a Provisional Constitution for the revised, slavery-free United States he hoped to bring about.

He seized the armory, but seven people were killed, brlwn ten or more were injured.

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Brown intended to arm slaves with weapons from the armory, but very few slaves joined his revolt. Within 36 hours, those of Brown's men who had not fled were killed or captured by local militia and U. Marinesthe latter led by Robert E. Brown was hastily tried for treason against the Browj of Virginia john brown abolitionist quotes, the murder of five men, and inciting a slave insurrection. He was found guilty of all counts and was hanged on December 2,the first person executed for treason in the history of the United States. Brown said repeatedly that all of his anti-slavery activities, both in Kansas and Harpers Ferry, were in accordance with the Golden Rule.

Historians agree that the Harpers Ferry raid and Brown's trial Virginia v. John Brownboth covered extensively by the national press, escalated tensions that led a year later to the South's long-threatened secession and the American Civil War. Southerners feared that others would soon follow in Brown's footsteps, encouraging and arming browb rebellions.

john brown abolitionist quotes

click He was the hero and icon john brown abolitionist quotes the North; from until Lincoln's assassination inhe was the most famous American. Union soldiers marched to the new song " John Brown's Body ", that portrayed him as a heroic martyr whose "truth is marching on"; it was the origin of the " Battle Hymn of the Republic ". Newly-freed blacks walked to the same song, [13] and they lowered their voices speaking of Brown, as if he were a saint.

john brown abolitionist quotes

As Brown's son, John Brown, Jr. The violence Brown used makes him a controversial figure even today. He is both memorialized as a heroic martyr and visionary, compared sometimes with Moses [14] [11] or Christ, and vilified as a madman and a terrorist.]

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