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Massachusettsan recommended by the U. GPO [9]. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Connecticut to the southwest and Rhode Island to the southeast, New Hampshire to the northeast, Vermont to the northwest, and New York to the west.

The capital of Massachusetts is Bostonwhich is also john nash alicia most populous city in New England. It is home to the Greater Boston metropolitan area, a region influential upon American historyacademiaand industry.

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Plymouth was the site of the second colony in New England after Popham Colony in in what is now Maine. Inthe town of Salem and surrounding areas experienced one of America's most infamous cases of mass hysteriathe Salem witch trials. The entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts has played a powerful scientific, commercial, and cultural role in the history of the United States.

Before the American Civil WarMassachusetts was a center for john nash alicia abolitionisttemperance[55] and transcendentalist [56] movements. Department of Public Click. Harvard University in Cambridge is the oldest institution of higher john nash alicia in the United States[61] with the largest financial endowment of any university, [62] and Harvard Law School has educated a contemporaneous majority of Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.

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The official name of the state is the " Commonwealth of Massachusetts". The name "State of Massachusetts Bay" appeared in the first—rejected—draft. Massachusetts was originally inhabited by tribes of the Algonquian language family such as the WampanoagNarragansettNipmucPocomtucMahicanand Massachusett. In john nash alicia early s, after contact had been made with Europeanszlicia numbers of the indigenous peoples in the northeast of what is now the United States were killed by virgin soil epidemics such as smallpoxmeaslesinfluenzaand perhaps leptospirosis.

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The first English settlers in Massachusetts, the Pilgrimsarrived on the Mayflower [85] at Plymouth inand developed friendly relations with the native Wampanoag people. The event is known as the Thanksgiving" was joyn by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New Worldwhich lasted for three days. The Pilgrims were soon followed by other Puritans, who established the Massachusetts Bay Colony at present-day Boston in The Puritans, who believed the Church of England needed to be purified and experienced harassment from English authority because of their beliefs, [88] came to Massachusetts intending john nash alicia establish an ideal religious society.]

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