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What is JUVENILE DELINQUENCY? What does JUVENILE DELINQUENCY mean? JUVENILE DELINQUENCY meaning juvenile delinquency research paper Juvenile delinquency research paper

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This Research Paper was written by one of our professional writers. You are free to use it as an inspiration or a source for your own work. Juvenile delinquency is used to refer to criminal acts performed by the youths. Juvemile extension, a juvenile delinquent is a youth who repeatedly commits crime. Juvenile delinquency is a major contributor to crime not only in the United States juvenile delinquency research paper in the whole world Holmes. There are various theories that have been fronted as far as crimes and their genesis are concerned. Most of juvenile delinquents are considered to be juveniles with disorders such as organic or non organic mental disorders Brown.

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On the 5 th of Novemberon a Wednesday afternoon in a two-storey house, an eight year old boy brandished a. He took his time and reloaded the gun between the shots! This incident happened in St. Johns, approximately miles northeast of Phoenix, Juvenile delinquency research paper, in papre rare case of a youth killing a parent. I data showed 62 cases of arrests following juvenile year olds murders in the US between and Dougherty p1. However this was only the second case of a child murdering a parent. The boy had a troubled childhood in an unstable family.

juvenile delinquency research paper

The parents juvenile delinquency research paper divorced and the boy lived with his grandmother and the father before he remarried. The father was a hunter who possessed rifles and taught the son how to shoot prairie dogs. The boy had enrolled in school and he did not have obvious reported difficulties in his studies.

The day before the shooting however, the boy reported to have been spank delinquecy of doing poorly in school. The police arrived eight minutes after the shooting episode and arrested the boy as he was found at the scene of crime. There are several theories that have been put forward to explain the reasons behind youth crime. Many of these theories are intertwined into each other and not really separate. Among these is the theory of social disorganization.

This theory looks at crime in the prism of societal and family organization. According researvh this theory, crime occurs when there is a breakdown in the network of societal values and tearing of the family unit. This occurs when there is widespread war, crime and other social evils in the society.

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Family break ups and other domestic upheavals also contribute Walklate. The strain theory looks at crime as a reaction to unmet goals and objectives.

juvenile delinquency research paper

Another theory is the sub cultural theory. This postulates that crime occurs when the youth cannot achieve the status that the society already click of them. Children born with disabilities or other inborn defects may feel as rejects and thence result into crime Walklate. It is not wise to peg the above case of delinquency to a single of the above explained theories. This was a case of a child born to a bad family.]

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