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Sensory-guided limb control relies on communication across sensorimotor loops. For active touch with the hand, the longest loop is the transcortical continuation of ascending pathways, particularly the lemnisco-cortical and corticocortical pathways carrying tactile signals via the cuneate nucleus, ventral posterior lateral VPL thalamus, and primary somatosensory S1 and motor M1 cortices to reach corticospinal neurons and influence descending activity. We characterized excitatory connectivity along this pathway in the mouse. Functions of the hand and forelimb depend on sensorimotor circuits spanning multiple levels of the central nervous system Kleinfeld et al. At the earliest, most reflexive stage, somatosensory afferents are tightly coupled to motor neurons in the spinal cord. Through a longer loop, somatosensory pathways ascending via brainstem and thalamus reach corticospinal neurons in cortex. The macroscopic structure of these lemnisco-cortical and corticocortical pathways is well-known from classical anatomy Brodal, and supported by in vivo electrophysiology Andersson, labeling theory articles

Apply critical thinking or problem solving in the main discussion post. Advance the discussion with a substantive response that asks questions, assesses further considerations, or provides a different point of view.

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