Living waters evangelism course -

Living waters evangelism course - has

When it comes to practice, though, we typically say yes to example, yes to deed, but no to word, or, at best, maybe to word. Evangelism labors under weighty negative impressions of it: intrusive fundamentalists knocking on your door and telling you that only their version of the gospel and their church are acceptable to God. Televangelists who seem more concerned with raising money for themselves than with the welfare of their flock. Telling rather than listening. Arrogance and imposition rather than humility and affirmation. Periodic Evangelism Matters conferences are catalyzing evangelism initiatives in dioceses and congregations. The evangelist listens, confident that God, even Jesus, is already there in the experience of the other. living waters evangelism course Living waters evangelism course

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Ray Comfort’s secret for EASY evangelism

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living waters evangelism course

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living waters evangelism course

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