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maya plisetskaya diet

For many ballerina Maya Plisetskaya is a standard of beauty, femininity and grace. The secret of eternal youth and elegance of Plisetskaya is her unique diet. And although, as asserted itself ballerina most simple rule for those who want to lose weight, is: "Do not eat!

maya plisetskaya diet

Favorite ballerina diet allows you to get rid of from extra pounds in just a couple of weeks. Note, however, that repeating this diet is recommended no more than once every two months. At first glance Plisetskaya diet may seem strict and complicated, but there are also plsietskaya moments that are not available other diets.

maya plisetskaya diet

For example, given all of the recommendations just above, to think for themselves on the maya plisetskaya diet every day you can own. Such a radical way to lose weight, practiced by Maya Plisetskaya, for ordinary women in general is not highly recommended. If you plisetzkaya dare to follow the advice of the famous ballerina, certainly do it under medical supervision. Important and useful that we can learn for yourself tips from the actress. Regarding such a popular council, "Do not eat" it can be understood in another way: do not overeat and limit to somewhat familiar portions.

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How Women Should Treat Such a Diet?

Health Facilities. Sign up Sign in., on a diet of Maya Plisetskaya you need: to eliminate from the menu sweets and coffee abandon dairy products, eggs, potatoes, meat, tomatoes, and any spices and seasonings; virtually eliminate fish; love barley, oats and lentils, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially broccoli.

maya plisetskaya diet

Here is just one example of it: Breakfast : oatmeal water brewed with apple or pear juice or herbal tea. Lunch : vegetable soup, vegetable salad. Dinner : a portion of rice or stewed vegetable stew; boiled fish and a salad of xiet vegetables, seasoned with a spoon of olive oil.

Leaving from the diet should be gradual: some time try to restrict your diet and avoid heavy physical exertion; advance plan your daily diet, do simple exercises every day. The first thing to remember is that such a strong restriction of calories is a lot of stress on the body. The result may be a strong decline in metabolism. And it does not lead to the desired result, but also can have a negative impact on health. Secondly, we exclude from the usual diet so high in protein maya plisetskaya diet carbohydrates, as suggested by the ballerina, not just bad for your health, but also may result in fainting. Third thing to know - is a psychological factor: scientists proved long ago that all the time indulging in maya plisetskaya diet favorite foods, a person experiences chronic stress. And very often the stress is the reason that we can not keep the weight off for a long time, and quickly return to the extra pounds.]

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