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Trolls at Play: Teaching Propaganda, Media Manipulation, and Election Interference through Role Play media manipulation examples Media manipulation examples media manipulation examples

Telegram Viber Facebook allowed the president of Honduras to artificially inflate the appearance of popularity on his posts for nearly a year after the company was first alerted to the activity. The astroturfing — the digital equivalent of a edamples crowd — was just one facet of a broader online disinformation effort that the administration has used to attack critics and undermine social media manipulation examples, Honduran activists and scholars say.

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The campaign was uncovered in August by a Facebook data scientist, Sophie Zhang, whose job involved combatting fake engagement: comments, click, likes and reactions from inauthentic or compromised accounts. The Page administrator did not respond to queries from the Guardian, and his account was removed two days after the Guardian questioned Facebook about it.

media manipulation examples

Until recently, he was considered a key US ally in Central America. Facebook, which has about 4. It affects your family and your loved ones. It is the price that is paid in such a corrupt country when one tries to combat corruption.

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They try to terrorize us and stop our work, either through psychological terror or the shame that some campaigns media manipulation examples social networks can cause you through the rejection and hatred that they generate in some people. Hernandez won a second term in a election plagued with irregularities. There were always fears that the movement was politically manipulated and that stopped it growing. Post Views:.]

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