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melting pot of people

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Intermingling of melting pot of people, languages, races, and ethnicities is an inevitable factor of all this, meltibg clashing, or bringing us all together for a common purpose. In the U. Family-based immigration, also known as Chain immigration, has permitted easier access for immediate or preferred family members with certain qualifications to immigrate into the U. The requirements for individuals allowed restricts the amount of immigrants, as well as the fact that Congress has set a limitation the population allowed into the states, adequately regulating the amount allowed in yearly.

The Diversity Visas and immigration lottery provides opportunity to people in less emigrated places and provides more shared culture and overall diversity to the great melting pot that is America.

melting pot of people

DACA provides the opportunity of jobs to children brought illegally to the U. The U. Often times, melting pot of people faced with a problem, many may take the most direct route, but in this case, there are many toils and snares hidden behind this prospect. Catch and release should not continue since many immigrants do not show up to their immigration hearings.

The only exception to this, should be that children are not to be detained, but rather released to their parents or immediate family members if able.

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The separation of undocumented parents from minors should not be permitted unless the minor is in danger. Parents have the right to remain with the minor they have guardianship over; prevention of this violates due process rights and may interpret as discrimination.

melting pot of people

To solve the question on immigration in the U. Immigration has been in existence for as long as any man or creature has lived, and is a natural process due to various push and ,elting factors. Did you like this example? This paper was written and submitted by a fellow student Our verified experts write.]

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