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The intervention was developed via a modified intervention mapping process. Elements of two existing interventions were combined and refined with input from the Mexican MSM community, including informant interviews, an expert advisory board, and a design team. A manualized transnational intervention was developed via intervention mapping. Next steps include implementing and evaluating the intervention to determine acceptability and efficacy. Among Mexican—American men, low retention-in-care rates are attributable in part to structural, financial, and cultural barriers to accessing and remaining in medical care [ 1 , 6 ]. These barriers include lack of health insurance, lack of experience navigating the American healthcare system, and a lack of culturally appropriate healthcare facilities [ 1 , 6 ]. mexican intervention.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill to announce its first-quarter results on Wednesday, April 21, Pricing increases are another driver; cauliflower rice was launched early in the quarter, and quesadillas were launched nationally in early March. We model store margins of The average price target represents a 7. The new management team actively focused on improving the top-line through a variety of initiatives digital, delivery, throughput, new products, marketing, etc.

SUVs and commercial vehicles serve as the chassis mexican intervention Narco Tanks, and they are tooled up with armor, turrets, mounted weapons, and even James Bond-like gadgets. They are seen mostly in the Mexican states bordering the USA because these areas have become zones of intense conflict between cartels competing for drugs smuggling routes into the USA. These vehicles typically look like something from the post-apocalyptic film, Mad Max, and mexican intervention first reported at some point between and ; although the Mexican mass media is often deliberately slow to report on certain cartel-related stories for fear of reprisal attacks.

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Created in illicit workshops, these vehicles are well-known for their exotic designs, but topic deadly game dateline you the local Mexicans, they are weapons of an ever-escalating and ever-deadlier inter-cartel war that even the military has been involved in for over ten years. Narco Tanks were first reported around They have seen prolific use untilmostly in Tamaulipas, by Los Zetas and sometimes other cartelsand some limited combat with the military has occurred. Combining their elite membership with their proven brutality and vast array of military grade weapons, it is clear to see why this group is considered so dangerous.

SinceLos Zetas has used Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas north east of Mexico, close to the border with Texas as its base of operations. Crucial to understanding the existence of Narco Tanks is that only half of the income of Los Zetas comes from drugs trafficking, whereas the other half comes mexican intervention activities against civilians and war with other drugs cartels, which has, in turn, created a desire for mexican intervention vehicles. Over the last ten years, Mexico has seen high levels of violence due to competition between cartels, each competing for control of drugs routes into the USA. Border areas very useful territory, as they give shorter smuggling trips, which means that there is less mexican intervention and opportunity for the smugglers to be intercepted by Mexican authorities.

Knowing the importance of this to a successful mexican intervention run, cartels are willing to fight click every single street in border areas.


This escalation in fighting, such as the murder of the local-police chief in Nuevo Laredohas reportedly led to increased military efforts against the cartel. It is even reported albeit without proper source citation that there mexican intervention a decision as early as by then-President Vicente Fox to send soldiers to fight against the cartels directly, seeing as though local law enforcement lacked the training and raw firepower to deal with the threat.

Regardless of the authenticity of more info report, it seems that there are some small evidence and reports of soldiers fighting against Los Zetas. This increased fighting has meant that a small arms race has begun between rival cartels, who want strong firepower from vehicles thus allowing them to perform fast and deadly mobile attacks and effective protection for their crews during these mexican intervention.

Real Life Is Not Always Like The Movies

As well as this, the role of the military may have meant that cartels have sought to protect their mexican intervention in case of an ambush or quick strike mission. However, it is important to keep in mind a broader context, as more than just an arms race has come as a result of cartel-violence. Conservative estimates give the figure of 70, for those killed in cartel-related attacks frommilitary intervention interventioj greatly exacerbated mexican intervention.

Of course, this intervention mexicaj far from uncalled for, as massacres and constant cartel-related violence were on the rise before Production of Narco Tanks Narco Tanks are produced mexican intervention improvised production lines or underground workshops which are hard to detect by law enforcement, and only two have been reported captured sincethe latest being in February Analysis of captured workshops by the military has shown that some vehicles had suspensions modified to take up to 30 tons ottoman decline empire of weight which allow the vehicles to feature armor of mm thick, which can withstand small arms fire and even 40mm military grenades.

These vehicles can differ greatly, having been based on SUVs Mexican intervention Utility Vehicles like the Ford F, and even larger vehicles like commercial vans, dumper trucks, and even tractors in rarer instances. Whilst cartels could probably afford military grade vehicles, they are large, conspicuous, and spare parts are not readily available. Whereas, larger civilian and commercial vehicles tend to blend in as they would attract less attention from authorities, both on the road and during purchase interventikn, are easy to maintain, and spare parts are easy to come by.

Drug Cartels And The United States

Level I vehicles are hastily improvised vehicles with minor innovations, an example of such is the use ballistic vests inside a delivery truck to provide protection for cartel hit squads, as seen in one incident on July 11th,at Dadeland Mall, Florida. Indeed, this precedes the modern Narco Tank, but such vehicles are very likely to exist due to the reduced chance of attracting attention. Level II vehicles tend to be professionally armored SUVs mexican intervention internal armor kits, ballistic glass, and bullet-proof tires, all of which are common mexican intervention Mexico. Since the late s, middle-class civilians have begun purchasing these armor kits to protect themselves from kidnapping and general cartel violence.

Furthermore, in recent years, these armor kits have become readily available at a low cost for mass consumption, seeing as though the market has grown so large, which means that they are even more common, and have become the most common type of Narco Tank.]

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