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The Pennsylvania Colony (Colonial America)

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In what group built the first settlement in what is today Delaware? New Netherland What caused the Dutch to surrender the colony to the English in ? The English sent a fleet of warships to attack New Amsterdam. The Dutch could not defend the city. Name at least two ways. Middle colonies quakers

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middle colonies quakers middle colonies quakers

William Penn believed in treating the Coloniee fairly and paying generous prices for Indian land, but I doubt that philosophy would have resulted in the purchase middle colonies quakers the entire continent. His sons were greedier, paid less and took more, but still purchased land from the Indians. Their dealings were noticeably less fair and generous. I doubt the Quaker philosophy would have survived.

middle colonies quakers

There was just too much natural wealth waiting to be exploited. Even Quakers would give in to temptation, and that wealth was going to attract non-Quakers. The Quakers would have rejected the Mexican War, and "54 40 or fight!

middle colonies quakers

This assumes that Quakers were willing to fight Britain for independence and for American rights on the high seas against the Barbary pirates and British impressment.]

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