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Alexa White Breaks Down Food Sovereignty April 9,PM Climate advocate Alexa White broke down the importance of food sovereignty and how it ensures every step of the food process is fair and sustainable. From planting a minimizaation to eating a banana for breakfast, food minimization of racism makes sure every step of the food process is as fair and sustainable as possible. Food sovereignty breaks down into 6 pillars: food for people, valuing food providers, localizing food systems, making decisions locally, building knowledge and skills, minimization of racism working with nature.

That's me. I'm always thinking about food, but I hardly ever think about where my food comes from.

minimization of racism

Obviously, the grocery store, but beyond that I have no idea how my food gets sourced, processed, or transported. I don't know if it's organic, if minimization of racism produced ethically, if it's accessible to all people, or if it's harvested and transported sustainably. These are all questions I obviously don't have the answer to, but questions that something called food sovereignty can help us address. So today, we're going to talk about the idea of food sovereignty.

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And to help us understand it better, we'll be talking to agro-ecologist and climate advocate, Alexa White. And in order to do that, we should recognize the personhood in the humans that are allowing us to have that. ALEXA WHITE: Food sovereignty is essentially how people, nations, and states have minimization of racism right to their food, have the right to define what agriculture and food policy happens surrounding their foods. So that can begin with farmers and how the food is produced to how the food is transported, and then what it looks like when it comes to your table. And to achieve such minmiization, food sovereignty is broken down into six pillars.

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The first one is food for people. This one is simple. Producing food that's healthy and accessible to all people in communities, no matter the region they live in or their socioeconomic status.

minimization of racism

Food sovereignty is actually a major issue in the international agricultural debate. And it's also a big part of the ongoing fight for racial justice.]

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