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He revolutionized modern technology and made many lives and jobs better with his work. It does not matter where a person goes in the world, everyone knows who Steve Jobs is. They know him as the late founder of Apple and a multi-billionaire, but people do not know his past and all the struggles that he went through to get to where he got in his lifetime. Steve Jobs was born February 24, His mother, Joanne Schieble, was a twenty three year old college student from Wisconsin and had found out she had gotten pregnant. She moved to San Francisco because her father did not approve of her pregnancy. Joanne found a doctor who would take care of unwed mothers and would help set up adoptions. A couple was called and were told that they had a chance of adopting a baby. Joanne Schieble wanted for him to be adopted by college educated parents. Unfortunately Paul and Clara had not gone to college. modern technology essay.

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Information Technology The information age is the age we live in today, and with the information age comes an age of ethics. When we deal with the new technologies introduced every day, we need to decide what we must consider ethical and unethical.

modern technology essay

We must consider all factors so that the use modern technology essay the information readily available to many persons is not abused. The most widely used tool of the information age is the computer, whether it be a Click or a network of computer systems. As we enter the information age the newness and power of information technologies tests the ethics of the average person, tehcnology just the criminal and causes thousands of computer crimes to be committed daily. The most common computer crime committed daily, some aware and many not, is the illegal sharing of computer software. Software is any of the programs used in operating a digital computer, as input and output programs, as defined by Funk and Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary.

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When you purchase computer software, you purchase it with the understanding that it will be for se on a single computer, modern technology essay installed on that essay, it is not to be loaded on any other computer. However many people are not aware of this understanding, and many load a program on a couple of computers or on a whole network of computer systems not aware that they are committing a crime.

modern technology essay

Even though you probably will not be prosecuted for loading a program on a friends computer, this is where your ethics come in. Do you consider anything when you share a program with others? If not then consider the programmers of the software who are denied compensation for their developments every time you distribute modern technology essay iece of software.

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A popular form off illegal software distribution is throughout the online world. When you access a online service, you are identified through an account which most commonly consists of a user ID technologt password. The password is so you only can access the online service with your user ID. Many people online use their own accounts to access their service, but many steal and use the accounts of others or make fake accounts. Others can hack into the online services mainframe computer and steal thousands modern technology essay accounts.

Probably the most common method of getting online without paying is the use of fake or fraudulent accounts. These are made by modern technology essay false information when attempting to gain access to an online service.

modern technology essay

Name, address, phone number, and billing information, such as checking account or credit card number, are all falsified in obtaining an online account. The developers of software are not properly compensated for their work because of the extent of software piracy. It is not only illegal, but clearly unethical to distribute software knowing hat the people behind the software are experiencing the downfalls of Every time software companies cannot compensate their programmers for their work, more people are out of a job.

Modern technology essay this, you enter a store and purchase an item, during this transaction you give your name essay phone number.]

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