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Amazing Arabic Nasheed Medley by Muhammad Tariq \u0026 Muhammad Yusuf

Even those who had written Fayose off long ago as a political charlatan were moved on April 12that the South West Congress in Oshogbo when Fayose spoke with humility about peace and reconciliation. He appeared very sincere.

But lo and behold, Ayo Fayose was merely playing exceution the gallery. Within hours of his peace talk, he had declared war, reneging on his every word publicly on national television. Fayose was back in character; a lier and a political camelion. As the saying goes, a leopard can hardly change its spots.

mohammed yusuf execution

That the Congress was marred by violence, and 2. That the election was rigged.

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Of course both allegations are false and frivolous. According to Fayose ,he was attacked in his hotel the night before the Congress by armed thugs in 10 buses. And if he was attacked by thugs, how did he escape without a mohammed yusuf execution on him. Still on the allegation of violence; Fayose claimed that he was met by people who wanted to kill him at the conference.

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This is ridiculous because Fayose walked through the same crowd at the gate of the venue without being molested. To claim as Fayose did that the man said he would kill Fayose is intentionally misleading, and malicious. That the election at the South West Zonal Congress was rigged is falsehood at its worst. Nothing read article be further from the truth.

The Chairman and all officials of the Congressand indeed everyone who was present in the hall that day must be wondering whether Fayose is going through mohammed yusuf execution first stages of a mental breakdown. The man must be losing his mind!]

mohammed yusuf execution

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