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Music censorship articles Brave new world stability
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music censorship articles Music censorship articles

It is the sound of silence — specifically, the silence of former President Donald J. Cavalli, 71, whose obsessive hate-following of Mr. Trump ended for good when Twitter permanently barred the former president in January.

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That all ended on Jan. One hundred days have now elapsed since the start of the ban — a move that raised questions of free speech and censorship in the social media age, ,usic pro-Trump Republicans and further enraged a now-former president who still refuses to accept the fact that he lost the election. Trump's Twitter feed was unique.

music censorship articles

There was its sheer volume. Trump tweeted more than 56, times, according to an online archive of his posts. He tweeted so often on some mornings in office that it was hard to believe he was doing much else.

music censorship articles

Then there were the presidential tweets themselves. The one where he predicted that if he were to fight Joe Biden, Mr. Love it or hate it, it was impossible to ignore Mr. For his opponents, there was a rubbernecking quality to music censorship articles exercise, kind of masochistic need to read the tweets in order to feel the outrage. Seth Norrholm, an associate professor of psychiatry at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit and an expert on post-traumatic stress, said that Twitter had offered Mr. Trump a round-the-clock forum to express his contempt and anger, a direct channel from his id to the internet.]

music censorship articles

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