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my interests essay.

From a young age, my favorite subjects have always been mathematics and science. I discovered my true passion when I was in elementary school when our science preceptor gave us a project for winter break, to make an electric circuit.

I vividly remember I was very excited.

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When I return home, the first thing that came to my mind is to build something that can fly. So, first, I made a rough sketch of my imaginary model and planned which material should I use.

my interests essay

I grabbed some LEDs, wires, ice cream sticks, batteries, cardboard, and an electric motor from my old RC car. I found that work so engaging that it makes me lose all track of time, I also skipped meals to complete my project as quick as I can.

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After my interests essay long days of commitment and hard work, I finally made a cylindrical framed body with two LEDs at the bottom, an LED, source an electric motor with an ice cream stick as propeller at the top. The cylindrical frame body looked shipshape with all wiring inside my interests essay a switch at front; I also made a small door like opening at the bottom so that I can change batteries. What is lacking in my structure?

That was a turning point in my life, and from that day career in Engineering has been my ultimate goal. As I became more seasoned, my interest in science continued developing.

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To explore more, I went see more the National Science museum, where cool gadgets, and various my interests essay of machinery blew my mind. It turned into my favorite spot to spend time during vacation. Watching science fiction movies and TED talks also pique my curiosity. To achieve my goal, I commence to challenge myself academically by taking the hardest STEM classes offered in my high school, which include My interests essay, Physics, and Chemistry. Studying mathematics at high school gave me a brief prelude to advance mathematics, which includes differential calculus, integral calculus, statistics, permutation and combination, and many more, which avail me to develop the competency to analyze data and enhance my problem-solving skills.

my interests essay

My interests essay has given me an understanding of how principles and theories are applied to practical applications. While in chemistry, I gain lab work experience through conventional experiments, and withal I learned to stay focused and have patience during the experiments. Working in school labs and making projects additionally helped me to supplement my passion for engineering. Engineers dssay the scientific principles and their perception to design and discover new technologies to engender a world that has never been.

my interests essay

As a student, this is the most exciting part of engineering to me. Accessed April 19, Download paper. Essay, Pages 3 words. Top Writers.]

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