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Native son literary analysis Pashtuns (/ ˈ p ʌ ʃ ˌ t ʊ n /, / ˈ p ɑː ʃ ˌ t ʊ n / or / ˈ p æ ʃ ˌ t uː n /; Pashto: پښتانه ‎, Pəx̌tānə́; or Pathans), historically known as Afghans, are an Iranian ethnic group native to Central and South Asia.. The ethnic group's native language is Pashto, an Iranian language on the Indo-Iranian branch, itself a branch of the larger Indo-European language family. 7 hours ago · Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published It has remained a source of national pride since April 12, , a symbol of the country’s bravery and. Franky Estes | New York. I am satisfied Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis Essay with the services your provide to college students. I like the discount system and your anti-plagiarism policy. Thank Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis Essay you very much for the professional job you do. I am planning to work with your essay writing company in the future.
native son literary analysis.

The ethnic group's native language is Pashtoan Iranian language on the Indo-Iranian branch, itself a branch of the larger Indo-European language family.

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Additionally, native son literary analysis Pashtuns in Afghanistan speak the Dari [35] dialect of Persian as here second language, [36] [37] while those native to Pakistan speak Urdu as their second language. Hindi and Urdu are used as first languages by Pashtuns in India. The total number of Pashtuns is estimated to be around 63 million; however, this figure is disputed because of the lack of an official census in Afghanistan since Pashtuns are native to the land comprising southern Afghanistan and northwestern Pakistan which is occasionally referred to as the Pashtunistan regionwhich is where the majority of the population resides. Significant and literarj communities of the Pashtun diaspora exist in the Sindh and Punjab provinces of Pakistan particularly in the cities of Karachi and Lahore and mative the Rohilkhand region of the Uttar Pradesh state in India as well as in major cities such as Delhi and Mumbai.

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Pashtuns are the 26th-largest ethnic group in the world, and the largest segmentary lineage group. There are an estimated — Pashtun tribes and clans. The majority of Pashtuns are found in the native Pashtun homeland, located south of the river Amu Darya which is in Afghanistan and west of the Indus River in Pakistan.

This includes Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and northern Balochistan.

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Pashtuns of the Indian subcontinentoutside the traditional homeland, are referred to as Pathans the Hindustani word for Pashtun both by themselves and other ethnic groups of the subcontinent. Historically, Pashtuns have settled in various cities east of the Indus River before and during the British Raj.

The settlers are descended from both Pashtuns click here present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan British India before In some regions in Indiathey are sometimes referred to as Kabuliwala. In India significant Pashtun diaspora communities exist. They also live in the states of Maharashtra in central India and West Bengal in eastern India that each have a population of native son literary analysis a million with Pashtun ancestry; native son literary analysis both Bombay and Calcutta were primary locations of Pashtun migrants from Afghanistan during the colonial era.

The Pashtuns in Bangalore include the khan siblings FerozSanjay and Akbar Khanwhose father settled in Bangalore from Ghazni[58] Karachi is home to the largest community of Pashtuns outside of the native homeland with estimates of around 7 million. Outside of South and Central AsiaPashtuns are also found in smaller numbers in the eastern and northern parts of Iran.]

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