Negative influence of social media -

Negative influence of social media

Negative influence of social media - that

This has been possible through advances in social media. Over the past nine years, the use of social media by teenagers has dramatically increased, which causes a matter of concern. Healey explains that social media can be referred to as websites and applications that allow users to develop and share content and participate in social networking Social media is a vast form of communication that has today permeated teenagers to nearly all aspects of modern culture. Teenagers continuously are exposed to all kinds of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Instagram. However, teenagers tend to devote a large amount of time to social media, and this has been a negative impact. Many teenagers are exposed to various dangers online from addiction to cyberbullying and from the false sense of connection to declining social skills. For a fact, social media has been spreading like a fire, and this sensation triggers major impacts because teenagers can access it anytime. The engagement in anything or use at an extreme can result in negative impacts such as addiction, and social media is an example of such an entity. Addiction comes from the overuse of social media, and that has been a worrying trend. negative influence of social media

These videos are spreading false information, which can have severe consequences on an individual's oral health.

negative influence of social media

One of the dental hacks that have gone viral is a TikTok trend alleging that prosthetic teeth can be made out of Insta Morph beads. A TikTok influencer created a series of videos in which she describes how she came up with a cheaper alternative partial dentures also known as a flipper. The TikToker purchased a pack of InstaMorph beads, which are plastic beads negative influence of social media can be heated and shaped into a variety of shapes, and demonstrated how to make negative influence of social media own "flipper. Adatrow explains that although the hack appears to be affordable initially, the InstaMorph bead dentures might lead to additional costs in the future due to their impact on gum health.

He further demonstrates that InstaMorph beads can cause costly and irreversible harm down the road, such as gum recession, tooth loss, and infection. Additionally, replacing a missing tooth without a dental expert's supervision might lead to temporomandibular joint TMJ problems. Another dental hack that went viral in TikTok was the use of hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening. She argues that her hack is secure because 3 percent hydrogen peroxide seems to be the same ingredient in retail sold whitening strips. She also claims that this can be repeated often and is the most affordable way to do teeth whitening at home. Adatrow totally disagrees with the claim.

The Negative Influence Of Social Media And Body Image

Prolonged and frequent exposure to high hydrogen peroxide concentrations can have irreversible detrimental effects inflyence teeth like permanent teeth sensitivity and gum irritation. With digitization, social media has become part and parcel of our daily life. Social media's influence is rated high among adolescents when compared to other age groups. Studies have shown sovial social media harms mental health. However, now, we are noticing that social media is impacting dental health too. Adolescents would easily fall prey to negative influence of social media claims on the social media platforms like TikTok, Youtube, etc. These videos are created to gain views and earn money. The video makers themselves might not be following the hacks shared. However, the individuals who watched the videos follow these practices without the information on the permanent damage these methods can cause to their dental health. Hence, Dr. Adatrow demonstrates that it is essential to spread dental awareness among the public to educate them about fraudulent practices.

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negative influence of social media

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