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oil spill essays

Type of paper: Essay. During the early stages of oil spill essays Exxon Valdez Spill, fire-resistant boom was placed on tow line and two ships were attached to the ends of boom; with slow movement of the ships, boom collected the oil which was then ignited. But this method was not useful due to the conditions of weather. Dispersants were also sprayed; with the help of booms and skimmers, mechanical cleanup was done.

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For the delicate areas, special cleanup techniques were approved. After more spill two decades, when the Gulf of Mexico encountered an oil spill, the weapons available remain the same Houston Chronicle, The major difference between the two oil spills was the geographic difference which also became the cause for the difference in cleanups.

Exxon spill occurred in a oil spill essays area of Alaska where one of the main problems was the frigid temperatures especially during March Dickinson, Prince William Sound is a rocky coastline and the location acts as a natural containment device; so the biggest challenge was the deployment of the necessary cleanup equipment.

oil spill essays

In contrast to this, the Gulf coastline is marshy or somewhat rocky and it is already flimsy. The area is densely populated and access is very easy as compared to the Prince William Sound.

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Nothing near this area can be oil spill essays as a natural containment device. Alaskan spill was very close to the coastline which hindered the use of dispersants; even burning was not a feasible option because mechanical cleanup was possible; lastly, the option of skimmers was actually not present widely in in the area of Prince William Sound. So, despite being present in limited area that spill really caused damage to miles of coastline Bearden, In the Gulf of Mexico, the essasy had all the options with them.

The ecosystem of Gulf is highly dynamic and it has a soft coast which I also why these marsh, sandy beaches having densely populated shoreline would sustain the longest lasting damage.]

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