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One more time how do you motivate employees - something is

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When Frederick Herzberg researched the sources of employee motivation during the s and s, he discovered a dichotomy that stills intrigues and baffles managers: The things that make people satisfied and motivated on the job are different in kind from the things that make them dissatisfied. Managed badly, environmental factors make people miserable, and they can certainly be demotivating. People are motivated, instead, by interesting work, challenge, and increasing responsibility. The psychology of motivation is one more time how do you motivate employees complex, and what has been unraveled with any degree of assurance is small indeed. But the dismal ratio of knowledge to speculation has not dampened the enthusiasm for new forms of snake oil that are constantly coming on the market, many of them with academic testimonials.

Doubtless this article will have no depressing impact on the market for snake oil, but since the ideas expressed in it have been tested in many corporations and other organizations, it will help—I hope—to redress the imbalance in the aforementioned ratio. In lectures article source industry on the problem, I have found that the audiences are usually anxious for quick and practical answers, so I will begin with a straightforward, practical formula for moving people.

one more time how do you motivate employees

What is the simplest, surest, and most direct way of getting someone to do something? But if the person responds that he or she does not want to do it, then that calls for psychological consultation to determine the reason for such obstinacy.

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Tell the person? The response shows that he or she does not understand you, and now an expert in communication methods has to be brought in to show you how to get through. Give the person a monetary incentive? I do not need to remind the reader of the complexity and difficulty involved in setting up and administering an incentive system.

one more time how do you motivate employees

Show the person? This means a costly training program. We need a simple way. The surest and least circumlocuted way of getting someone to do something is to administer a kick in the pants—to give what might be called the KITA. This is a literal application of the term and was frequently used in the past.

How to motivate employees

It has, however, three major drawbacks: 1 It is inelegant; 2 it contradicts the precious image of benevolence that most organizations cherish; and 3 since it is a physical attack, it directly stimulates the autonomic nervous system, and this often results in negative feedback—the employee may just kick you in return. These factors give rise to certain taboos against negative physical KITA. In uncovering infinite sources of psychological vulnerabilities and the appropriate one more time how do you motivate employees to play tunes on them, psychologists have come to the rescue of those who are no longer permitted to use negative physical KITA.

This has several advantages over negative physical KITA. First, the cruelty is not visible; the bleeding is internal and comes much later. Second, since it affects the higher cortical centers of the brain with its inhibitory powers, it reduces the possibility of physical backlash. Third, since the number of psychological pains that a person can feel is almost infinite, the direction and site possibilities of the KITA are increased many times.

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Fourth, the person administering the kick can manage to be above it all and let the system accomplish the dirty work. Fifth, those who practice it receive some ego satisfaction one-upmanshipwhereas click would find drawing blood abhorrent. Finally, if the employee does complain, he or she can always be accused of being paranoid; there is no tangible evidence of an actual attack. Now, what does negative KITA accomplish? If Ohe kick you in the rear physically or psychologicallywho is motivated?

5 ways to increase employee engagement in the workplace

I am motivated; you move! Negative KITA does not lead to motivation, but to movement. Let us consider motivation. I have a year-old schnauzer. When it was a small puppy and I wanted it to move, I kicked it in the rear and it moved.]

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