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Representative for California's 43rd congressional district since The district, numbered as the 29th district from to and as the 35th district from to , includes much of southern Los Angeles , as well as portions of Gardena , Inglewood and Torrance. A member of the Democratic Party , Waters is currently in her 15th term in the House. She is the most senior of the twelve black women currently serving in Congress, and she chaired the Congressional Black Caucus from to She is currently the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee. Before becoming a U. Representative, Waters served in the California State Assembly , to which she was first elected in As an assemblywoman, she advocated divestment from South Africa 's apartheid regime. other wes moore quotes.

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The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates

Those two simple words felt stained to my lips every time I had to say them while growing up.

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I was raised in a military family, with a father that was never home. My father was in Special Forces so he was constantly deployed for months on end.

other wes moore quotes

I think his longest deployment was probably fifteen months, maybe eighteen, I have grown to forget them by now. Not just because of how important and secretive he.

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The way that I was socialized growing up was through my interactions different people of different races due to my military affiliation and being transferred to different locations every three years and more recently other wes moore quotes from both my parents about things they both went through while my dad was away. They instilled some of that storytelling into me and I used that technique to tell some of my experiences. Furthermore, most of my life revolved around the military and religion.

Those two aspects.

How I Was Socialized Growing Up

This of course upset me, as I knew my dad could still be in danger, regardless of his job other wes moore quotes the military. I told Linnea as much, but she still did not understand, calling me a brat. A brat: something that many military kids get called. By this point I realized that she was not going to give up and I decided to ignore her and continue on with my day.

She also informed. Being raised by a Military family is what had to shape me the most growing up.

other wes moore quotes

With my Other wes moore quotes gone overseas, I was strictly only raised by my Mom. However, there was another contribution to what has shaped me to who I am today as well. Since we were Military, we were moved from Texas, 1, This impacted my growth in the fact that my Mom, my Sister and I, were alone. All of my extended family lived here, scattered throughout Texas. Wess raised just by my Mom for a while. My job is Infantry. Why did you join?

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I joined the military because I wanted to do my part for our great country. I grew up in the military, and it was something that always impressed me. We my family are very proud of our country, so serving is something that is very important to us. I did not think twice about signing on the dotted line. The military other wes moore quotes its part by taking care of my family growing up as a young child; I felt I had to give back.]

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