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It increases hardening of the arteries, thus predisposing individuals to heart diseases, peripheral vascular diseases, stroke, heart failure and kidney failure. Hypertension is the commonest non-communicable disease in the world and all races are affected with variable prevalence. Castelli explained that its prevalence is on the increase in developing countries where adoption of western lifestyle and stress of urbanization, both of which are expected to increase morbidity associated with unhealthy lifestyle are not on the decline. Andreoli, Carpenter, Grigs and Loscalzo were of the opinion that hypertension produces disruptions in health, disability and death in the adult population worldwide. Ejike, Ezeanyika and Ugwu stated that hypertension causes one in every eight deaths worldwide, making it the third leading killer disease in the world. They also estimated that about one billion adults, the world over, had hypertension in the year and the number is expected to rise to 1. pathophysiology of hypertension pdf Pathophysiology of hypertension pdf

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By surveying some of most recent resource materials the essay analyzes certain background causes and their relevant consequences. In so doing, the study aims to create an awareness about pathpphysiology essentiality of environmental sustainability, and thus, to enrich the present discourses on ecological issues. Needless to say, The present world is facing many problems in regard to the environment.


Since Industrial due to multi-form pollution of air, water, and soil, the natural environment is getting more Revolution in Europe most probably from CE to CE humans have been increasing higher temperature, which causes climate change, and this climate change affects the natural their uncontrolled actions in the environment for making their life more comfort by depending environment adversely.

In the preceding passages, I will give a short account of present-day on technologies. Before Industrial Revolution, humans never experienced such massive environmental problems by noting some dominating sixteen environmental issues along with environmental problems pathophysiology of hypertension pdf they are facing now. So, majority of scholars are of the opinion their most relevant causes and consequences in order to make my readers understand how our that Industrial Revolution worked as a turning point for the current environmental problems.

Human uncontrolled activities in the environment yhpertension responsible for environmental degradation, which is usually viewed as the deterioration of environmental ability through misuse and abuse of natural resources like air, water and soil including destruction of eco- I. Pathophysiology of hypertension pdf human actions are not becoming in favor of natural system of the environment, the current world is experiencing more natural calamities than before2. The Global Risk Report Climate change refers to the changes weather over a period of time.

pathophysiology of hypertension pdf

Since the inception of temperature recording in our world has been getting the top of the global risks. Inin an open letter members of the U. From then on, a negative attitude to our natural world is noticed in human thought and action. During the European enlightened age between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries scholars were mostly busy with reason-based material knowledge. They could not produce guidelines about the preservation of the natural environment. Something worse happened in the field of the environment with the Industrial Revolution in England, which is considered the beginning of the era of degradation by man-made causes, though it pathophysiology of hypertension pdf seen as a pathophysiilogy point in the history of modern economic development.

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Afterwards, European colonialism and imperialism spread the environmental degradation all over the world through their power and destroying the traditional sympathy of people toward the natural environment. Thus, since the Scientific Revolution, science has been giving comforts to human life, but it could not provide any moral pathophysiology of hypertension pdf to preserve and protect the environment, rather in most cases it has been a cause of environmental degradation. Still now human beings are dreaming to overcome nature utilizing science and technology.

But it will not be their victory; rather it will carry the pcf destruction of the environment. According to the Pathophysiology of hypertension pdf Risk Report United Nations University,environmental degradation increases rapidly disaster risk worldwide. The report reveals that environmental degradation significantly reduces the ability of the pathophyxiology for coping up with disaster risks.

The balance sheet of the report, based on the analysis of ten years from toshows alarming situation.

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In the reported time it is evident that already 4, disasters happened on the surface of the earth where more than one million people died with the economic loses of at least 1. Furthermore, scientists state in the same letter that climate system is pathophysiology of hypertension pdf crossing tipping points. To their view, the rapid warming of the earth undoubtedly increases the series of risks human beings may not tackle.

In a report, the world leading climate scientists warn humans that they have a dozen of years to hypertdnsion the global warming at a targeted level of 1.

pathophysiology of hypertension pdf

In their view, an urgent change is required to reduce the possibility of extreme heat, drought, source, storms, etc. Why is such change in the global temperature happening? The cause is explicit, it is due to uncontrolled human activities in the environment.

Instead of relying on bodily power of humans, people now depend on power of hydrofluorocarbon is thousand time more powerful than carbon dioxide Mackenzie ; machines and technologies for producing commercial goods and other things.

pathophysiology of hypertension pdf

Huge amount Schlossberg These gaseous substances increase greenhouse gases, damage ozone layer, of fossil-based energy sources like natural oil, natural gas and coal are being used as see more cause acid rain, attract ultraviolet radiation and thus, accelerate climate change by warming for running these machines and technologies, which emit indiscriminately huge amount of the globe. Air pollution creates an artificial ozone layer, which is called smog, at the ground carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.

Natural world cannot adjust this emission of carbon level in the atmosphere. Smog happens when emissions from combusting fossil fuels react dioxide by its natural process because it has already superseded that system. Because of such with sunlight Mackenzie Air pollution carries tiny particles of chemicals, soil, smoke, unadjusted carbon dioxide our earth planet is getting hot, ozone layer is depleting, polar ice dust, etc.

Both pathophysiology of hypertension pdf and soot can damage eyes, caps are melting, and sea level is rising.]

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