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I have roughly dressed and put out the first 30 poles and tops. Take what you want, but please limit yourself to no more than maybe a dozen of the poles. They have the stubs of the leaf stems sticking out, so take care perfect artifact of the blight you handle them.

Glen is off Courthouse, right across from the Seventh-day Adventist Church. There should be another batch, this size, tomorrow. Be warned, these are big. You can try off the thin ends of the poles. Place it right next to a joint, and lop as if you mean it, because the faster you do it, the less it splits.

Maintain your social distancing, and then some, please.

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This is just under half the total, by eye. At some point, as a favor, could one or two of you who takes some of these email and clue me in on why people like this stuff so much? I use a little in the garden, for trellises and such, but honestly, PVC pipe works better for me. We get along fine with the next-door neighbors.

perfect artifact of the blight

They seem like nice people. But I have quietly held a grudge, because they have a stand of bamboo in their back yard. Which, of course, means that unless I keep after it, I have stand of bamboo in my back yard. So, last year I had to take a couple of days to harvest my bamboo. I cut the leafy tops off the poles, and posted the poles on Vienna Virtual Yard Sale maybe it was Freecycle.

perfect artifact of the blight

They were snatched up in less than an hour. Meanwhile, this year, I got to chatting with my neighbor. And, just as nicely as I could, said, golly, your bamboo sure does want to spread.

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To which he replied, my bamboo? I thought that was your bamboo. Thirteen years, and it turns out, neither of us planted bamboo. Neither of us wanted bamboo. Presumably, some ancient and long-gone former owner of one of the properties liked bamboo.

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And left us a gift that keeps on giving. What you see above is maybe the first third of that. Maybe a little less.

perfect artifact of the blight

Some of it was so thick I had to go after it with a chain saw. Others are thin enough that heavy-duty branch loppers will take them down. There are a handful of shorter pieces. I figure I might as well do that through this web site, as I am down to just a handful of people who bother to read what I write.

Think of it as kind of a website loyalty bonus. So please limit yourself to a dozen or so.]

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