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Pestle analysis in healthcare - you

Technological Factors Political Factors The Political environment impact on the healthcare industry performance is changing continuously mainly because of the changing government regulations. Many economies across the world have introduced ways through which spending in the health industry is curbed down. The political factors like changing tax laws, employment regulations, consumer protection laws and insurance mandates can impact the healthcare industry. In addition to this, changes in the importing policies of drugs as well as strikes of health experts because of irregularities in salary are core political issues that affect healthcare companies. Government spending on the healthcare industry is greatly affected by changes in tax policy. Economic Factors Unemployment, interest rates, credit availability and inflation are economic factors that affect healthcare industry performance and operation. pestle analysis in healthcare

The cost of health care analyzis financing health care results in a national healthcare expenditure and sources of payment must be investigated. Healthcare costs are also inextricably bound to quality issues and therefore quality initiatives are linked to healthcare spending. The expenditures are reported and tracked over time using a standard format that identifies both the private and public sources of funds as well as the objects of expense.

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Reports are pestle analysis in healthcare annually, two years following closure of the reporting period. See Table in the textbook. There are a number of interrelated factors that contribute to healthcare expenditures. These include aging population; new drugs and medical and diagnostic technology; emphasis on specialty medicine; large numbers of uninsured and underinsured; volume-based reimbursement incentives; and labor intensity.

Use Critical Thinking Skills and Metacognition to research current events in the macro environment. Use bullets with short sentences.

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