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Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

Piaget 3 stages of moral development - congratulate

For this reason, parents and teachers of adolescents would be more helpful if they were lenient with teenagers. According to Piaget, around the ages of 10 or 12, students are more capable of conscientiously using and following rules. How would you use this information if you taught year-old children and wanted to use a class meeting to allow children of this age to set the classroom rules and expectations? How might involving the students in creating the rules be beneficial and problematic? A Hmmm…. Considering what you have read about classical and operant conditioning, behavioral learning, and memory, give your thoughts regarding the experiments on plants, particularly the last one. What do these experiments make you think about relative to intelligence? Much has been said about violence in the media and its effect on children and adolescents. Delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable price is not enough anymore. This describes us perfectly. Piaget 3 stages of moral development piaget 3 stages of moral development

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The more people you ask the more interesting your paper will be! Try to ask people of different ages and genders, so that you can get variability in the answers received. Please transcribe responses as best as you can, since you will use these as case studies to analyze for this paper. Summarize each, and compare and contrast all 3.

A Comparison of Theorists

For this part you are impartial, reporting on what participants did or said. You are just sharing your data here. An analysis of the findings in light of the theories. Where do you feel your participants are in their development according to the stages?

piaget 3 stages of moral development

You can assign levels based on Kohlberg or Gilligan; only use Piaget if your participants include a child. Present evidence from their responses with concepts from the theories.

piaget 3 stages of moral development

Heinz Steals the Drug In Europe, a woman was near death from a special kind of cancer. There was one drug that the doctors thought might save her.

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It was a form of radium that a druggist in the same town had recently discovered. The drug was expensive to make, but the druggist was charging ten times what the drug cost to make. He told the druggist that his wife was dying and asked him to sell it cheaper or let him pay later. Should the husband have done that? Explain your thinking. The Cup Dilemma Ali was outside when his mother called him in to ask him to help with some chores.

piaget 3 stages of moral development

As he hurriedly opened the front door to come help, he accidentally knocked over stzges tray of cups, breaking all eight of them. Osman knew it was time for dinner. Though his mother told him not to eat before dinner, he climbed up the cupboard anyway to get some cookies; while up there, he broke one cup. Who is naughtier, Ali or Osman? Please explain why you think so. Hi there!]

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