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Everybody likes a party. Regardless what the reason or occasion or size, all we want to do is have a good time. In movies or on television, there have been many memorable parties that us, as viewers, wish we could have been there. Without a moment to reflect, it only seems prudent for the viewer to despair. Some television shows will see a decent shelf life, while others will disappear before getting to the first commercial. As we concentrate on the latter, here are our picks in chronological order for the top TV shows, whether sitcoms or dramas, that lasted one season — or in some cases even less. pictures of black babies with down syndrome

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Having a baby with Down Syndrome pictures of black babies with down syndrome

April, is Black Maternal Health Week, a time to put a spotlight on and have a national conversation about Black maternal health in the U. The death of Alton Jr. On average, around 20, infants die in the United States each year, according to the U. It was only after her son's death that Ingram realized she had a major risk factor for infant mortality simply by being a Black woman. Ingram, who ultimately returned to medical school and chose to become an OBGYN, said she remembers being surprised when she saw her race listed as a risk factor for infant death.

pictures of black babies with down syndrome

Nearly 20 years after A. Babies born to Black women in the U. Black babies are also nearly four times as likely to die from complications related to low birthweight and have over twice the SIDS mortality rate as non-Hispanic whites, according the Office on Minority Health. MORE: Black women turn to doulas as maternal mortality crisis deepens. Ingram and other experts point to implicit bias and institutional racism in medicine as two of the reasons for the disproportionate number of Black infants dying in the U. And they say the higher rate of Black infant deaths can be traced back to the medical care Black women receive during pregnancy.

pictures of black babies with down syndrome

Black women in the U. Black women are also more likely than white, Asian or Latina women to die from pregnancy-related complications regardless of their education level or their income, data shows. The top five causes of infant mortality in the U. At least two of those causes -- preterm birth and low birth weight pictures of black babies with down syndrome maternal pregnancy complications -- often start with the type of care the mother receives during pregnancy, according to Rachel R.

Hardeman, Ph. Hardeman continued, "And not only that, but then they come into a health care system that historically has not provided equitable care to Black people. The issue of disparities in health care for Black women and Black babies was front and center at the highest level of government this week when the White House issued its first-ever presidential proclamation marking Black Maternal Health Week.]

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