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Singer ethics 19 hours ago · Is there any plausible way as to how the player character devours food so fast? 8. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. 0. Maybe in survival mode the player character has to spend a certain time eating, so if your in combat you can't just eat year old irridiated cram and survive. That would be for people who want to experience pain though. 18 hours ago · Show the start of their relationships in a plausible way, but with some barrier or conflict. Like-ability is one fairly reliable way of hooking the audience. If a character is someone you could see yourself being friends with, you're more likely to keep watching. And yet some unlikable characters . 6 days ago · Is there a plausible way you could change your character into a mesh? Close. Vote. Posted by just now. Is there a plausible way you could change your character into a mesh? I just wanted to know if you could change your character into a mesh, if there is any plausible way per se. 0 comments. share. save.
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plausible character

Putting together a background for my angel investigator character: Key here is "willing suspension of disbelief" I don't mind if you say, "Now that's a stretch," but I'd want to rewrite if you say, "No way that could happen. Would that pass the smell test in casual conversation with other officers? Tags: None. If she's the heavy-handed Deputy Chief's only child, and she's a lesbian minority, then yes. You should plausible character some other stuff, to make it more believable, like getting assigned to an elite specialized plainclothes unit with very little supervision, even though her stats suck and her reports look like they were written in Chinese and then translated into English by an extremely drunk person who couldn't spell.

While on duty, she should be seen source hanging out at Starbucks at the mall, instead plausible character working. charactef

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She would have to stack plausible character her unmarked take home car while off duty about 30 minutes after the bars close, stinking drunk, and then somehow magically avoid any discipline or arrest. She should be involved in several near-riots that require the entire precinct to respond at a problematic local bar, plausible character she should be the one who caused it. And she should put on an "I'm in a specialized unit so I don't talk to uniformed officers anymore" air, have a really caustic attitude, and look down her nose to officers much more competent and senior than her.

plausible character

And it should be virtually impossible for her to be able to qualify at the range.]

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