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Political social and economic

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Political social and economic Enzymes lab report example
political social and economic

Its been a year now that we as a society are passing through trying times…. Be it Gujarat, MaharashtraUP, MP every state is facing shortages ; of ambulances, political social and economic medicines, of oxygen, of beds, of health care staff and finally even there is a long queue outside the funeral grounds. So if someone claims everything is hunky dory then I am not going to bloody accept this non sense. Many of my friends are now recommending that we should arrange for our own personal Oxygen cylinder or a convertor.

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Its time to ponder — Why have we reached this stage, particularly when things had started looking comfortable? Why did the Govts not plan political social and economic when already in Europein Japan etc there was a sudden surge in corona cases particularly when we ourselves were having a festival ; Holi. In a democratic federal structure one can argue endlessly as to who is to be blamed for this messy situation and still not arrive at an appropriate answer.

However, We may have come to this situation because.

political social and economic

People roamed around carelessly despite all warnings. May be the State Govts did not plan properly.

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May be the Central Govt failed in political social and economic a proper supply chain management of essential medicines, oxygen etc. It appears that it is a cumulative failure of all ; People, State as well as Central Govt. When we look around the world we notice that — its mainly the Democratic countries which are struggling. China could take stringent measures to control the pandemic which we, in a democratic set up can never think of.

Let me quote from the Order that the collector of a big city grappling with this situation issued yesterday. He said ; All the decisions will be std.videos after discussing with all concerned Non Governmental Organisationsassociations and also the State Govt etc regarding any Lock down and this is despite the fact that patients are running pillar to post for oxygenfor Remsdvir, for beds in his city, he political social and economic still discussing.

political social and economic

This clearly vindicates my point that democratic societies are now not geared up to deal with such crisis situations.]

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