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Why is polygamy in the Bible? What does God say about it? Does the Bible allow polygamy? The Bible does not allow polygamy for today. God created marriage to be between one man and one woman. If polygamy were allowable, the entire picture that marriage represents of Christ and the Church as His Bride would fall apart. First, What is Polygamy? This word describes the marriage of a man who has multiple wives or a woman who has multiple husbands. Another word that describes having two spouses is bigamy. When we hear the word polygamy we may think of ancient or tribal cultures. polygamist states

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Modern Polygamy: One Husband, Chosen by Multiple Wives

Chris Tomlinson 11 Apr The Swedish government has been accused of allowing exceptions in a new bill aimed at banning the recognition of polygamous marriages carried out overseas.

polygamist states

Swedish Liberal Party MP Robert Hannah criticised the government bill this week, claiming that while the proposal is advertised as wanting to ban polygamous marriages, it leaves the polygamist states open to exceptions. Now they have turned around completely and think it is okay for men to have several wives in exceptional cases. While Sweden has had laws banning polygamy within the country, the issue of multi-partner marriages came to the forefront in the wake of the European migrant crisis as some migrants from areas such as the Polygamist states East came to Sweden with multiple wives.

polygamist states

Ina Swedish woman working as a helper for asylum seekers defended the practice in a Dutch documentary in which she introduced the filmmakers to a man with two wives and over half a dozen children living n Sweden. I see both the advantages polygamist states disadvantages of it.]

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