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History[ edit ] The 'hundredth monkey' effect was popularized in the mid-to-late s by Lyall Watson , who documented the findings of several Japanese primatologists from the s. The researchers would supply these troops with such foods as sweet potatoes and wheat in open areas, often on beaches. The account of only one of these behavioral changes spread into a phenomenon i. Imo discovered that sand and grit could be removed from the potatoes by washing them in a stream or in the ocean. Gradually, this new potato-washing habit spread through the troop—in the usual fashion, through observation and repetition. primatologists quizlet.

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Many different factors have the potential to influence whether an event is first noticed by a news organisationsecond whether a story will be written about that event, third, how primatologists quizlet story is written, and fourth whether this story will end up being published as news and if so, where it is placed. Therefore, "there is no end to lists of news criteria". Long-term trends are not likely to receive much coverage. Timeliness: Events that have only just happened, are current, ongoing, or quizpet about to happen primatologists quizlet newsworthy. Others prefer the term Proximity for this news value, which includes geographical and cultural proximity see "meaningfulness". Sometimes described as "the basic news value". Conflict: Opposition of people or forces resulting in a dramatic effect. Events with conflict are often quite newsworthy.

Sometimes included in Negativity rather than listed as a separate news value. Meaningfulness: This relates to the sense of identification the audience has with ;rimatologists topic.

Impact refers more generally to an event's impact, on the target audience, or on others. An event with significant consequences high impact is newsworthy. Events concerned primatologists quizlet the rich, powerful, famous and infamous get more coverage.

Also includes the eliteness primatologists quizlet sources - sometimes called Attribution. Note this appears to conflict with unexpectedness above. However, consonance really refers to the media's readiness to report an item. Consonance has also been defined as relating to editors' stereotypes and their mental scripts for how events typically proceed. Source is partly because the media organizations are already in place to report the story, and partly because previous reportage may have made the story more accessible to the public making it less ambiguous.

Composition: Stories must compete with one another for space in the media.

primatologists quizlet

For instance, editors may seek to provide a balance of different types primatoologists coverage, so that if there is an excess of foreign news for instance, the least important foreign story may have to make way for an item concerned with the domestic news. In this way the primatologists quizlet given to a story depends not only on its own news values but also on those of competing stories.

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Co-option: A story that is only marginally newsworthy primatologistd its own right may be covered if it is related to a major running story. To be qualified as shareable, a story arguably has to be simple, emotional, unexpected and triggered. Engaging with such analytics is now an important part of newsroom practice. Time constraints: Traditional news media such primatologists quizlet radiotelevision and daily newspapers have strict deadlines and a short production cycle, which selects for items that can be researched and covered primatologists quizlet. Logistics: Although eased by the availability of global primatologists quizlet even from remote regions, the ability to deploy and control production and reporting staffand functionality of technical resources can determine whether a story is covered. Reporters prefer to look at raw data in order to be able to take an unbiased perspective. An alternative term is Facticity - the favouring of facts and figures in hard news.

For example, composition primattologists co-option both relate to the published news story.

primatologists quizlet

These are news values that concern how news stories fit with the other stories around them. The aim here is to ensure a balanced spread of stories with minimal duplication across quizlef news program or edition. Primatologists quizlet perceptions of news[ edit ] Conventional models concentrate on what the journalist perceives as news.]

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