Pro and cons of same sex marriage -

Pro and cons of same sex marriage

Pro and cons of same sex marriage - advise

However, research has found that while breakup sex is very common, there are both positive and negative aspects to this trend. How Common Is Breakup Sex? On the surface, the familiarity and comfort of an old flame may seem appealing—particularly because many people are frustrated with the current dating climate. This may be especially true for women, who may be hesitant about the potential risk and vulnerability involved in sex with a new partner. But what have social scientists concluded based on studies and peer-reviewed journals about this trend? Firstly, this behavior is fairly common. Almost 1 in 4 couples who are legally married but separated continue to have regular sexual contact. There are many reasons a person would choose to have sex with their ex. pro and cons of same sex marriage

Share on Whatsapp Since gay marriage is such a polarizing subject, there must be some pros and cons to the topic itself. There are several big pieces of this debate that generally draw the line in the sand of which side you stand on.

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But gay men and women have been raising children for years in and out of wedlock. Same-sex the swimmer essay can and will continue to do just fine as parents. Con There is something to say about the masculine and feminine dynamics of a traditional, heterosexual co-parenting situation. Pro When gay couples have a baby, whether it is through adoption or insemination, that child is wanted beyond belief. Those parents are going to be committed as parents and fully prepared to bring that baby into this world. True equality may not come due to the slow moving course of public opinion, but the equality is in writing. We have seen how African-Americans, women, and other minorities of the population have legally been granted rights, but are still shunned pro and cons of same sex marriage.

Con Some argue that if we allow same-sex couples their right to marry, this will open the door for other types of relationships that exist outside of the norm to get married as well. These people fear that it would be a slippery slope, allowing polygamous, incestual, or beastial relationships to eventually be granted their marriage rights. Health Benefits Pro There is research that suggests that married individuals lead longer, healthier, and happier lives.

pro and cons of same sex marriage

Now that gay people can get married, they can enjoy this benefit of longevity and health. Now these benefits are not closed off to those that are in same-sex relationships. Con None to speak of.

The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage

No one will die directly because of a gay person getting married. Religion Pro When the United States legalized gay marriagethey again solidified that the words written on the papers that started this country still ring true. There are religious institutions that speak loudly about their disagreement with gay marriage, and the government chose to decide in favor of their original separation.

pro and cons of same sex marriage

With an easy majority of U. This is why the court of public opinion has been so slow to accept the legitimacy of same-sex marriage, even though there are laws written in black and white. This could also be the reason why the opposition to gay marriage stood for so long. In the end, though, the government chose to rule in favor of what it had originally fought for: The separation of church and state.

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As divisive as this topic is, the court of public opinion is slowly coming around. With more people being open and honest about their sexual orientation, the gay culture has been humanized. A few decades ago it was somewhat rare to know a gay man or woman because they kept to themselves. But since the tides have turned and gay marriage has been legalized, more people are being open dex honest about who and what they love.

pro and cons of same sex marriage

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