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Pro choice argumentative essay

One of the most controversial topics is on abortion and whether or not we should keep doing it or make it illegal. What I just stated may sound like I just contradicted myself, but let me explain. First off abortion is when you terminate a edufficient, but when I stated that it saves lives, I meant that when you do an abortion there is a good reason behind it, which is to not let a child into this world were the parents may pro choice argumentative essay be ready to handle the drastic consequences that comes with pregnancies.

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That can potentially save a life from experiencing all sorts of emotions that may damage them in the long term future. As previously stated, there are many benefits that come choife pro choice, which makes abortion not that bad of a choice. Firstly, abortion gives women the option to do what she wants pro choice argumentative essay her own body, therefore creates a more equal field between men and women.

For instance, men biologically cannot get pregnant, archaeopteryx glider is unfair for women because both male and female are responsible for the outcome, yet the female have to take care of the fetus.

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In addition, what if the male left the female and lets say abortion was illegal, what can the woman do, if she was left to take care of the child all on her own. That shows how abortion can provide an option to women who need it.

pro choice argumentative essay

Most importantly is keeping your child safe and educated for many years on. To conclude women should have the right to do what they want with their reproductive system and people who cannot take care of themselves should most definitely not be able to take care of a child. Some people believe that adoption is better than abortion, but I believe in the opposite. When Social Services discovers these situations, they send those children to foster care.

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Creating these bad habits leads to prison and most of the inmates are products of the foster care system, forcing them to help themselves when they age out pro choice argumentative essay the system. Others would say that women who got abortion will regret it, which would then lead them into depression, but that just depends on the situation that they are in. Abortions can prevent horrible experiences that a kid should not be experience as a child. Some of these experiences are bullying from other kids, maybe neglect from others, and even physical pain from what they are born with. The known ones argumentaive blood loss and sepsis, which is an infection. Firstly, blood loss is very common and will most likely happen to everyone that has an abortion.

pro choice argumentative essay

As for the infection a doctor will prescribe you some antibiotics. To summarize, abortion is actually a good thing because it provides a lot of benefits to women. We will send an essay sample to you in 2 Hours. If you need help faster you can always use our custom writing service. Did you like this example? Having dhoice about how to write your paper correctly?

pro choice argumentative essay

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