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In this paper you will apply one of the macro theories of movements we have discussed to explain part of your social movement.

Examining Social Psychology Paper

You will have to explain link theory, then discuss how it applies to the movement you studied. This will include evidence about the movement, drawn from scholarly work or other similar sources. It is perfectly fine to claim that the theory does not explain the movement well. Remember our macro theories are: Resource Mobilization Political Opportunity Framing And they can be used to explain how a movement mobilizes, changes, and demobilizes. As you explain pro life paper, pretend like I did NOT teach you about them.

Explain them as if you were explaining them to someone not in this class. We can see that this did not happen, instead the movement became less active after Llfe. Yes, you do. You should use cites from either our readings or the lecture. Do I pro life paper to repeat the first paper?

pro life paper

So you do not need to repeat the entire history of your movement again. Can it be more pro life paper 3 pages double spaced? Yes, my page limits are there to guide you not as strict rules. If you find yourself going a lot longer than 3 pages though try to figure out what events and organizations are most important to the history of your movement. Where can I go for sources?

pro life paper

Here are a few places to start: Wiley Online Library Links to an external site. This is not online that I can find but the chapters are listed here Links to an external site.

pro life paper

Mobilization Links to an external site. As academic articles, these will be less about history but can still be helpful. Google Scholar Links to an external site.]

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