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Quick tips on achieving good prostate health April 19, Author: Dr. David Samadi For such a small gland — about the size and shape of a walnut — the prostate comes prostatecancer911 com its fair share of health issues.

The earlier in life you start the better chance of avoiding these potential prostate issues. Here are your quick and easy tips on source good prostate health: Keep a prostatecancer911 com weight and exercise regularly One of the best things you can prostatecancer911 com to promote prostate health is to exercise often and maintain healthy body weight. Studies have shown that moderate to vigorous exercise reduces the risk of BPH and prostatitis. Exercise also enhances your heart health helping prevent sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. Losing weight is a strong determinant of prostate health. A study published in the Journal of Urology showed that overweight men, especially with excess abdominal obesity, have a higher risk of BPH.

The act of losing weight helps reduce prostate size relieving annoying urinary symptoms. Weight loss also reduces prostate cancer risk and prostatitis.

prostatecancer911 com

Drink green tea and water One of the best beverages for prostate health is green tea thanks to its potent antioxidant content. Sipping on green tea has also been found beneficial for BPH and prostatitis.

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Water is another important healthy beverage for men for several reasons. It maintains hydration, makes the urine less concentrated, and allows the bladder to store more urine.

prostatecancer911 com

This last point is important since a full bladder means there prostatecancer911 com be a greater force to push the urine out resulting in a better stream and a better chance of completely emptying the bladder. Follow a prostate-friendly diet Men are what they eat so might as well choose healthy foods.

And one of the best is eating plenty of leafy green vegetables full of vitamins and antioxidants supporting prostate health. Begin eating more spinach, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard.

prostatecancer911 com

Fill at least half of a dinner plate with veggies along with small portions of fatty fish, poultry, or lean protein and healthy whole grains or nuts, all prostate-healthy foods to enjoy. Get some sun or take a vitamin D supplement Many studies have suggested that vitamin D is helpful for protecting against prostate cancer by regulating prostatecancer911 com growth prosgatecancer911 tumor cells.]

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