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From the list of questions below, please answer question 1, question 4, and either question 2 or question 3. Answer questions One and Four and a third question of your choosing. The Invisible Hand and the Physiocrats i. How do they differ in this respect to Locke? Specifically; how do they differ from Locke when it comes to the role of government? Answer and number each question separately. Also watch for punctuation and grammar. purpose of government john locke

Political Science is the study of life in an organized community and the organized community is the state. There is no clear definition of the state. However, some radical writers like Governmebt and Engels argued that the state is essentially an expression of class relationships generated by the particular mode of production and unambiguously involved in the class struggle on the side of the dominant economic class.

Thomas Hobbes : The Best Form Of Government

Thus, Marx and EngelsP. Some regard the state as one organization that transcends class and stands for the whole community. Other definitions have emphasized the political authority, the monopoly of force through government and political allegiance of citizens to the state.

Some have regarded the state as moral and good society where justice and the promotion of the general welfare of the people are established. Broadly speaking, the state is the political form of society.

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What we call the state is a community of men organized for preserving and creating order and general well-being of its members. The most obvious characteristic of early statehood are monarchy supported by royal bureaucracy. The origin of the state thus is marked by the introduction of centralized authority, formalized hierarchy, specialization of task in the performance of public duty, and writers instead of oral communication. Although there are many theories of the state, we are going to discuss four major ones in this section.

Prior to the organization of the purpose of government john locke, tribal authority was based on traditions and conventions.

Thomas Hobbes And The Philosophy Of Political Science

However, with emergence of a kingship system, there was a need for creating legitimating principles to make a ruler King acceptable to rule the subjects. To achieve this legitimacy politics was united with religion and the King as then presented to the people as choosing by the Divine Will. The Divine Right of Kings idea is the longest living doctrine in politics. By contrast, the Divine Right theory helped to stabilize the political process and prevented violence and revolutionary activities by making the king and his orders divine. The theory of Divine Right of purpose of government john locke is a powerful doctrine as this has been demonstrated by its endurance to date.]

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