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The Push by Ashley Audrain -- Book Review

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You know how much Grandpa likes that reishi mushroom, so you stole it away on purpose just so Grandpa will get mad at me. How shameless of you! On the side, Gu Yan touched the jade pendant at her chest subconsciously. Suddenly, she remembered the ginseng that disappeared out of nowhere. We will go to your rest room and have your female staff members do a body search. push novel online

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push novel online

Find in store Check Store Availability. Colour: No Colour. Violet is her first child and she will give her daughter all the love she deserves. All the love that her own mother withheld. But firstborns are never easy.

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And Violet is demanding and fretful. She never smiles. Soon Blythe believes she can do no right - that something's very wrong. Either with her daughter, or herself.

push novel online

Her husband, Fox, says she's imagining it. But Violet's different with him.

push novel online

And he can't understand what Blythe suffered as a child. No one can.

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Blythe wants to be a good mother. But what if that's not enough for Violet? Or her marriage? What if she can't see the darkness coming?]

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