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Quotes about 9 11 attack quotes about 9 11 attack

The judge added: "In the last 10 years, the ED has done nothing to attach Asaram 's properties, but in the case of Naik, I can see the ED working with quite a bit of speed". Anthropologist Thomas Blom Hansen has written that Naik's style of memorising the Quran and Hadith literature in various languages, and his related missionary activity, has made him extremely popular in Muslim circles. His talks have been recorded in English and broadcast on weekends on several cable networks in Mumbai's Muslim neighbourhoods, and on the Peace TV channel, which he co-produces. Lectures on Islam have quotew presented by Naik and twenty other Islamic speakers.

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He said Naik was a "hate-monger", and that his views did not deserve wuotes public platform. Muslims from Cardiff, however, defended Quotes about 9 11 attack right to speak in the city. Saleem KidwaiSecretary General of the Muslim Council of Walesstated that "people who know about him [Naik] know that he is one of the most uncontroversial persons you could find. He talks about the similarities between religions, more info how should we work on the common ground between them", whilst also inviting Davies to discuss further with Naik personally in the conference.

The conference went ahead, after the Cardiff council stated it was satisfied that he would not be preaching extremist views. He also claimed that his comments were taken out of context.

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Gambian cabinet ministers, religious leaders, students quofes thousands of people attended his lectures on subjects including "Terrorism and Jihad: an Islamic perspective", "religion in the right perspective", "Dawah or destruction? With the initial support of the Government authority, the event went ahead as planned. According to Naik, Islam is a religion of reason and logic, and the Quran contains verses relating to science, which he says explains the number of Western converts. No other religious text or scripture claims this fact. Islam is the most 'tolerant' religion as far as promoting the human values is concerned.

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He has condemned dancing and singing because he claims they are prohibited in Islam. He has also recommended that the United States implements this logic in order to reduce criminality. He argues that "as far as the family is concerned, a man is the leader.

quotes about 9 11 attack

So, he has the right", but he should beat his wife "lightly". The TV channels are to be blamed". For example, he has stated in that certain verses of the Quran accurately describe embryological development. Hypothesis go against the Qur'an — theories go against the Qur'an. There is not a single scientific fact, which is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an which goes against established qutes — It may go against theory.

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He suggested that, "We should use the same media to remove the misconceptions, misquotations, misinterpretations, and misrepresentations about Islam. International media, be it print, audio, video, or online, use a number of strategies to malign Islam by first picking up the black sheep of the Muslim community, and portraying them quotes about 9 11 attack though they are exemplary Muslims. A year-old Muslim marrying a year-old girl willingly is a headline, but a year-old non-Muslim raping a six-year-old girl appears as brief news or filler. They say Islam does not give rights to womenand is an illogical religion. They portray Islam as quotes about 9 11 attack problem of auotes though it is the solution to all man's problems. The same applies to the misinterpreted words 'fundamentalist' and 'extremist' which are basically western words.

While Indians were fighting for their freedomthe British government was labelling them as terrorists; same activity, same people, but two different labels. The same happened with Muslims who are labelled as terrorists in media, so we should look into backgrounds and reasons for an activity before labelling people. If anyone really wants to know how good Islam is, he or she has to study its authentic sources; the glorious Quran and Hadith rather than looking to its followers Quote as is the case with a motorist whose reckless driving should be blamed for an swifty basketball rather than the latest Mercedes car he was driving.

quotes about 9 11 attack

The best exemplary Muslim is the last and final messenger prophet Muhammadpeace be upon him. We in Peace TV, for example, do not use such deceit. He said in unequivocal term that, even in Islamic Jihad, there are laid down rules and regulations as when and how to kill a person, which he noted, totally contradicts what is currently happening around the world, by some groups who claim to fight for Jihad. He added the word "Jihad" actually means to strive or quottes against one's own evil inclinations, to make the society better, in self-defense on a battlefield, and against oppression. Speaking of Osama bin Ladenwhen Naik was asked whether the former was a terroristhe stated that he did not have an opinion since had not met him, [89] nor interrogated him, and is neither a friend nor quotes about 9 11 attack enemy.]

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