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As I've argued in this space before, perceived racial differences in academic outcomes the racial achievement gap are the product of socioeconomic and environmental inequalities, while differences between individuals even non-monozygotic twin siblings are partially genetic. This position has proven consistently controversial, but I've never quite understood why; it's explicitly rejecting racist pseudoscience while accepting the findings of a vast body of well-replicated research demonstrating that genes influence not determine! What's more, I find it frustrating how many people reject it given that this belief is perfectly in keeping with the idea that race is a social construct, which is an idea that I believe. Again, the relationship between parents and their children is genetically simple, whereas the relationship between genetically and historically distant people who we have socially categorized into racial categories is extremely complex, inconsistent, and tangled. To think that saying individual genetic differences implies racial genetic differences is to think like a race realist - so it's strange that so many people who accept the social construction of race make that leap! Here's a passage from a recent gated, alas Danish study that I will be writing at length about next week. I think it fits into all of this nicely. However, recent evidence from the United States indicates that hereditary factors are not a major constraint for low SES students Nisbett et al. Rhemtulla and Tucker-Drob found similar patterns of gene and SES interactions in follow-up tests of mathematics skill at age 4 but no significant interactions in reading. Fryer and Levitt found no significant differences on the Bayley Short Form—Research Edition among Hispanic, Asian, Black, and White infants aged 8 to 12 months, although a one standard deviation gap in test scores between Black and White children, which typically differ in SES, has been observed by age 3.

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Player fm review 2 days ago · Why is "race is a social construct" only said when someone talks about racial variations in intelligence but not when someone talks about racial variations in skin colour? 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. % Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. 23 hours ago · "Race is a social construct" [x - 92KB] Login or register to comment! [–] DocAwe 1 pt It's like they're a different species or something It's like they're a different species or something link /s/memes. subscriber s Moderators Daisy (O) Created by Daisy (). 3 days ago · 1. What do social scientists mean when they say that Race is a social construct, not a natural. category? Please be as detailed as possible in your answer?give examples from various. fields?support your answer with knowledge from the history of .
Race as a social construction

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race as a social construction

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. What basis is there that race is a social construct? Why is "race is a social construct" only said when someone talks about racial variations in intelligence but not when someone talks about racial variations in skin colour? When race as a social construction talk about racial variations in intelligence. Race is a social construct just like hands are.

The only reason that the concept of a "hand" exists is because people have decided that the categorization is useful in some way, thus, hands are a social construct, even though they do have a physical basis. I see, but then if someone was making a claim about different properties of different hands, then it would not be a valid counter argument to claim that hands are a social construct right? Sure, the problem with race realism is that it has no basis in science, not that race is a social construct. But when you talk about racial variations in skin colour, nobody ever retorts "race realism is not scientific".

race as a social construction

Why is this? Because there are racial variations in skin color that genetic, which doesn't apply to intelligence. But how can there be racial variations in skin colour if race is not a biological concept? There is a complete double standard here. Construcion people talk about race realism they're talking about intelligence differences, not skin color.

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Also, classifying people as different races based on skin color is a social construct, just like hands are. Race as a social construction can't suddenly become a social construct when talking about one genetic thing but not eocial a social construct when talking about another genetic thing. I've already explained how something can have a basis in reality and still be a social construct, just like how hands are a social construct but are still a physical object. Classifying any set of characteristics as 'race' is a social construct, although those characteristics themselves exist.

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Race is always a social construct. But its status as a construcgion construct or as a biological reality can't change depending on the situation. So it still makes absolutely no sense to make some claim about its status as a social construct vs biological reality when people talk about one thing and not make the same claim when people talk about a other thing.

Race is not a social construct. It is according to dictionary based on physical traits and inherited. This is, still according to dictionary, what differs with ethnicity that is generally based on cultural identification. To answer your question: it is a misused of the race as a social construction. May be because socjal is easier to make the buzz with the word race than ethnicity. Race is not a "social construct. Ethnicities are the social construct, but people seem to think those are the same thing. Race is about genetics that have developed based on what region your ancestors lived on. Ethnicity is a culture.]

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