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There are so many different aspects to gender, sex, sexuality and identity! Pick any three areas from this chart, and define them in detail. Write a paragraph for each category thoroughly defining the areas you chose. Be sure to cite your sources. Do you feel comfortable sharing your identities with others? Why or why not? Understanding Race. What is racial profiling? How might the contact hypothesis remedy profiling? Discuss various ethnocentric practices historically used by those in power that have contributed to prejudicial attitudes towards racial and minority groups.

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EXTRINSIC REWARDS VS INTRINSIC REWARDS 3 days ago · Explain the categories of “race,” “gender” and “sexuality” by using assigned readings from the second and third week of class; please use concrete examples from the readings to support your claim. Additional Materials: Jean Pfaelzer (). 3 days ago · Understanding influences of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and religion. Understanding the Influence of Race/Ethnicity, Gender, and Class (Apr 17, ) Socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, and gender inequalities in academic achievement have been widely reported in the US, but how these three rectoria.unal.edu.co 2 days ago · (race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, After completing this course, students should be able to interact appropriately and communicate effectively, using respectful language based on knowledge of diverse populations make connections and analyze problems related to current events using knowledge of the historical context of.
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Absolute power corrupts absolutely examples 3 days ago · Explain the categories of “race,” “gender” and “sexuality” by using assigned readings from the second and third week of class; please use concrete examples from the readings to support your claim. Additional Materials: Jean Pfaelzer (). 1 day ago · Orange Is the New Black is the television series which began in The series focuses on the life of prisoners in a fictional female prison and inspired by the memoir of Piper Kerman. The series claim to be very representative for both race and sexuality and to highlight social issues. The term intersectionality today is broadly used to depict the interplay between any kinds of. 1 day ago · Last Name 1 Name Professor Course Date How race, culture, gender, sexuality, and class integrate into Asian American Popular Culture Globalization influences political, cultural, economic as well as religious integration across the globe. It has also facilitated the smooth movement of products and people from one region to another. Migration and interaction of people from diverse backgrounds.
Race class gender and sexuality race class gender and sexuality.

LD: So I guess we can start by talking about, at here I am very interested in talking about, the American soldiers and the way that they are portrayed in the musical. Because then it feels like what the musical wants us to do is see Thuy, who represents basically Vietnamese culture, as the villain.

They want us to see him as like, the worst person ever. Valerie Kraft: Absolutely! The musical spends so much time building up sympathy for Chris, even from the very beginning. And I think one of the biggest calss I can think of for the way in which we are supposed to see these American soldiers as completely forgivable, no matter gendee crimes and awful acts they commit, is through the character of John Thomas played by Hugh Maynard.

In the first minutes of the musical, we see him acting in a sexually aggressive manner towards these women who are unable to race class gender and sexuality genuine consent. Paige Adams: Yeah, I agree! To me, putting that on stage race class gender and sexuality so long and like really hammering that home the way that they do, especially considering that the fact this musical was written by two white men, feels to me more like trauma porn for American audiences than it does an accurate representation of what Vietnamese people were going through.

So then it makes me really suspicious about how this musical is representing Vietnam and Vietnamese culture. It feels wrong that Chris has to be a white man. We talked about this when we were reading for this section, but the way that Broadway just does not do racially diverse casting at all, and if they do like they default to white roles. The bottom, unspoken, line of the musical is that Kim was never going to get her happy ending because she race class gender and sexuality a Vietnamese prostitute.

VK: Once again, even in her death, the feelings of white Americans are emphasized over the loss of a Vietnamese woman. PA: And strictly addressing the Vietnamese-American issue, whiteness sexualty idolized to the point of suicide. Our takeaways are that the victims are Vietnamese women, and the villains are Vietnamese men, and the Cass just sit back and reap the benefits of being considered the ideal. The Vietnamese struggle is downplayed by the emphatic greatness of being white and American. Kim would rather be dead than be Vietnamese specifically geography of chicagoand this is exactly what the white, patriarchal, American audience wants to hear.

race class gender and sexuality

LD: I think we also see that idolization of whiteness and that idolization of America in The Engineer played by Jon Jon Briones a lot as well, like his entire plotline, is just he wants to get to America. But what I think race class gender and sexuality you step back, sexuakity we take away is that the Engineer was obsessed with being American.

The only acknowledgement that we get of that is talking about the Bui Doi, but again, that is more of a plot point for Chris to establish that John is going to find Tam and not an actual critique of these American soldiers and their actions abroad. She can either go with Chris, she can go with Thuy, or she can die, which is what ultimately happens.

この雑草の名前を教えてください。 いつも抜いていたのですが花が咲いてました。

Kim was bought for Chris. Kim is underage. And in contrast, we get this villainization of Thuy. We see Thuy act violent and crazed, and like Liv mentions, even willing to kill a child just to have Kim as his wife.

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And of course, this violence and attempted murder is horrible, but I feel like this is a very intentional dichotomy that the musical writers set up. The Engineer profits off of the sexual abuse of women, and the American troops are not only complict in this, but active participants. Yet, only The Engineer spends the production being characterized as sleazy, whereas the American soldiers — who literally rape these women — very quickly are absolved of this and spend the second act of the musical portrayed as respectable Americans that have bravely fought for their country.

race class gender and sexuality

Even John, who is shown as the epitome of sexual aggression and sexism in Act 1 is polished and refined in Act 2, an honest man in a clean suit working hard at his organization, completely absolved of his violence from before. PA: It really just further reinstates the problem with depictions and realities of America- to be honest- and the American dream. And perhaps the attraction to Chris symbolized the attraction to the American dream, despite how problematic it is? Problematic favorites week 1, am I right?! And we need to ask ourselves, why? Why is this a story that needed to be revived in ?]

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