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What is RATIONAL CHOICE THEORY? What does RATIONAL CHOICE THEORY mean? rational choice definition

April 17, at pm It's simply weird to discard the Word of God in the Book of Genesis based of man's understanding Augustine of God's power. This is a silly question. First answer this questions: -Where was God before He made the Universe and what was He thinking and planning?

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He hasn't like a time problem, He invents time. Didn't God just produced what the sun and the moon will produce on the fourth day?

rational choice definition

After all, how did He made the sun and the moon? Can you do that? Or imagine how is it possible?

Herd Immunity? Don’t Count on It.

Then why do you choics God's power? That's why God made the sun and the moon later to link it with the end times. So If God has the wisdom and the materials to make the sun and the moon don't you think He can use those to produce exactly what the sun and the moon will produce on the fourth day? It's logic to me.

rational choice definition

How is it to you Cliff? I am asking you because you said askcliff.

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God made the world in six literal days. God can make it even faster because He invents all the variables of definitiion world including time. Remember that in the Book of Revelation, God has to ressurect billions of people, judge them and make a new earth. How long is going to take? Billions of years?


The theory of evolution is based only on lies and nothing but lies and make believe stories. The Bible is a historical account word by word. It's not ok to believe the lying nonsens of the evolutionists. Either God has all the power or has none. The making of the universe reveals serious implications: Read more order for God to make the Universe has to invent absolutly rational choice definition matter, energy, time, space, gravity etc.

It's mindboggling to me to doubt God's power, His ability to make the world in six days. How is going to give you Cliff eternal life? It's absurd. Bilions of years just for 70 years from an everlasting Father? I'm seriously disappointed of you Cliff.]

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