Reconstruction pros and cons -

Reconstruction pros and cons reconstruction pros and cons reconstruction pros and cons

Dental implants are placed in the top of the reconstrucgion and in four locations in the bottom of the mouth. Your completely new sets of teeth arches are then attached to the implants permanently. With proper care and brushing, these should last the rest of your life. Who Needs a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

reconstruction pros and cons

A full mouth reconstruction is a decision that is made between you and your dentist. We will consult with you about your smile goals and reasons why you may want a full mouth reconstruction, and proceed from there. In general, patients who have plenty of remaining healthy jawbone structure are good candidates for a full reconstruction.

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If you have many damaged or missing teeth due to oral cancer, a reconsruction accident or injury, or for some reconstruction pros and cons reason, a full mouth reconstruction can be a life-changing treatment for you. Call Pope Dental about Full Mouth Reconstruction Having many teeth that are damaged or decayed can have serious implications for your medical health and lifestyle. If you want to learn more about full mouth reconstruction, call our Walnut Creek office today at to schedule a consultation. Testimonials My husband and I have been going to Pope Dental for about 25 years.

Let Full Mouth Reconstruction Give You Back Your Smile

They are extremely professional, courteous, and overall the best! Pope and the rest of the team. I am not going to find this kind of care, or this friendly a group of people, anywhere else!

reconstruction pros and cons

Patient Attentive, comforting, informational, accommodating, professional, understanding, knowledgeable, clean, family-like with patients, amazing how you remember us! Thank you.]

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