Referential listeners are the most common type of listeners. -

Referential listeners are the most common type of listeners.

Referential listeners are the most common type of listeners. - speaking

How do listeners recognize whispered speech? Incoming speech signals arrive sequentially and rapidly in time. At any given moment there is only partial information for a word, which creates uncertainty. Normal Hearing NH listeners overcome this uncertainty by activating multiple candidate words that match the speech signal as input arrives. As the word unfolds, listeners disregard words that do not match the input until the appropriate word is fully active. A limitation of this research is that it has primarily examined conversational speech. Understanding how whispered speech is recognized is crucial because it is ever-present in typical listening environments and is a very challenging problem listeners have to solve. During whispered speech, however, we lose this acoustic signal as the vocal folds never vibrate. So how are listeners able to recover this signal and recognize a whispered word? referential listeners are the most common type of listeners.

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. In Decembera person in a city in central China was struck by abnormal pneumonia.


In Januarythe contagion reached Europe. The epidemic COVID transformed quickly into a pandemic and for the first time in this century, there was a phenomenon that affected the entire world population. In Italy, January 31, a state of emergency was declared, a tool that allowed the Government to use quick procedures to enact and apply the necessary measures to manage and contain the event.

The pandemic is one of the phenomena that have significant health and social consequences because it causes a disruption of daily life and of collective identity generating a fracture in the balance of each person. One of the first sociologists that linked the importance of events generated by a phenomenon to social changes was S. Prince in modt his book Catastrophe and Social Change.

referential listeners are the most common type of listeners.

Events generated by the pandemic phenomenon become the social product in terms of fragility of a society at the happening of an event. The pandemic has created a discontinuity, a fracture in the social context and in the lives of people in reference to the conditions of a society undergoing the sudden phenomenon.

referential listeners are the most common type of listeners.

The condition of vulnerability, according to Marcel MaussFrench anthropologist and sociologist, is not only a state of fragility but also the reason itself of relationships and social bonds; it is an opportunity that leads a person to overcome their limits. Vulnerability provides a multi-dimensional interpretation of the phenomenon of inequality and the possibility to better understand the difficult conditions experienced by people who see source of their reference points crumble, those on which they use to found their decisions for their lives.

Vulnerability exceeds risk: the difference, as Ulrich BeckGerman sociologist, would explain, is in the transition from the possibility to predict the fragilities the risk to that of their unpredictability the vulnerability medival era Casavecchia, It is rather the effect of a difference between a socially constructed expectancy built up by protections and the real abilities, of a specific society, to make them work.

As to the spreading of the pandemic COVID, each person has become aware of his or her own vulnerability as a human being, that same vulnerability which leads us to think about the meaning of life.]

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