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roaring 20s jazz.

Since the pandemic shut down most live performances, jazz presenters have sought innovative ways to approximate online the intimacy and interactions of performers playing to and with audiences breathing the same air. Steve Rashid of Studio5, an Evanston, Illinois-based arts center, with help from his family, has dreamed up an intriguing solution.

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Actor Stephen Ruffin portrays poet Langston Hughes, talking about the Roaring 20s jazz Renaissance; Jasmin Tomlins improvises conversation as rowring flapper; Reggie Thomas, head of Jazz Studies at Northern Illinois University, plays blues and boogie while his wife Marda sings from the piano bench, house-rent party style. The actors may change from show to show.

roaring 20s jazz

And after an hour, when the individual rooms close and all the attendees sometimes as as are directed in the main hall, an unexpectedly gratifying, climactic moment occurs: Attendees see each other onscreen, as patrons of a speakeasy that really is the Evanston Studio5 space.

There, socially distanced but together, roaring 20s jazz Chicago Cellar Boys Andy Schumm, cornet, clarinet, tenor saxophone; John Otto, clarinet, alto saxophone; Paul Asaro, piano, vocals; John Donatowicz, banjo, guitar; Dave Bock, tuba and sultry singer Roya Naldi deliver a period-accurate set of almost year-old songs. You can almost taste the bootleg hootch.

roaring 20s jazz

Drummer Ralph Peterson Jr. EST on March 1 following a six-year battle with cancer, according…. Nearly two decades into her career, nine-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and pianist Norah Jones will release…. Whenever Ethan Iverson takes on a repertory project, his goal is to do two things simultaneously.

roaring 20s jazz

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