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My rating: 4 of 5 stars We are easily apt to presume that what we can do was an impossibility for those of different eras and places. Yet, what is happening now has happened before, although in various modes of Operandi. The book is a fine organization of roads, resources, and governments involved in the ancient business world that surprise the modern reader that without airplanes, cars, and computers even, our forefathers of humankind found ways to travel a great distance for profits with flares for adventure. His ambitious plan was to construct a railway line across Central Asia that would have linked the German economy to Chinese markets. An ancient text reveals that one Indian sailor from the wreckage of a trade ship from India around the Red Sea rescued by a Greek patrol ship from the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt around the Arabian Peninsula told the Greeks how to sail from India via season Monsoon winds. It appears that commerce contacts and cultural interactions indeed existed. rome and han china

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Rome and han china

This trade network included here and maritime routes. Due to these various trading mechanisms, many products could be traded to many different locations. The patterns of interaction that occurred along the Silk Road from B.

It allowed for the introduction of various resources, inventions, and beliefs for the whole ancient world to experience. Where did these trade routes come from? What civilizations were connected and benefiting from the trade?

rome and han china

Silk and many other goods were traded among people from across the world. The man who is usually associated with founding the Silk Roads is General Zhang Qian, who opened the first route from China to the West. He was actually traveling for diplomatic reasons instead of for trade.

The Silk Road And The Eurasian Civilizations

In this ancient world, there was no connection of the two civilizations, no anx in commerce or culture. Exchanges of culture, ideas, diseases, slaves and technology transformed European and Native American societies. In the exchange lasted throughout the years of European expansion and exploration. The Columbian Exchange affected the social and cultural aspects of the old and new world.

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Exchanges of culture, ideas, diseases, slaves and technology transformed European Silk Road Words 7 Pages The Silk Road a trade network rome and han china connected the East to the West on the Eurasian continent.

This trade included both overland and maritime routes. The central Asian kingdoms and peoples became the nexus point for much of this trade which lasted from the 3rd century B. Many products and other cultural expressions moved along the Silk Road and diffused among various kingdoms along it. On the other hand, the aim of the international trade is to spread the culture and absorb the new culture and things in in order to make a better society.

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The Silk Road was the first step rome and han china starts to exchange the culture, economy civilization, and also political The Silk Road Essay Words 7 Pages The Silk Road was an intricate and evolving network of overland trade routes that linked China, India, and western Eurasia for centuries. The trade route was key to the diffusion and transportation of technology, goods, religions, and language throughout Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa and southern Europe.

rome and han china

As the strongest link between major population centers in the largest landmass on earth, the Silk Road was one of the most important of all long-distance trade routes in human history. Study of.]

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